Friday, April 18

Our Patio...where we whispered to the animals at home.

It was peaceful here... and it took years
to grow happiness and contentment here
Don Wesley1933
Every detail you can see has a story of creation behind it.

Thursday, April 17

Something went wrong in my childhood days... I thought!

Why is Don so angry at two years of age?

He seems pliable enough and looked better at 16.
 At 9 and in grade 5, he was bored at school

At 10, after the dog bit him..,
He read Science Magazines
And went to the Libraries  
 He was quiet at high school.

 She loved him also
 His Dad loved  because Don said he did..
 He was very happy at retirement years

You will have to find out more about his type of problem and how he made it into heaven on earth.

You may have noticed I didn't mention my Mother.

She left me with neighbors and went to work for the richest people in Canada.

I believe in marriages where Dad works and mom's are home makers. 


This for my Son Michael.

He was very tired this night...
But he wanted a picture that would make him feel better.
Here is Michael as a child...
He learned Chess after I showed him the board.
He was great at whatever he did.
He was an old soul as a child.

I was grateful that God gave me such children.
I let them learn according to their own desires,
Just like I did.

Don's Birthday


The Card below was from Steven...  my Son.


The date was some time back...  when I was in my 60's

My Son Steven at the beginning of his Journey.

At Seventeen he was unstoppable