Wednesday, May 4

Five 'wits' derived from the faculties of the 'Soul'

May 4, 2016.
Don Wesley 1933

The five 'wits' are derived from the Faculties of the 'Soul'
That Aristotle describes in 'De Anima'

If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs, and blaming you. The world will be yours and everything in it, what's more, you'll be a man, my son.   ----  Rudyard Kipling

What does this expression
"have your wits about you" mean?

My Class Teacher had us read Job and Hamlet: 1948 
Doug Lunan was His Name.
Years later, for some; it is to be intelligent enough
to read between the line and other things.

"g) Five senses refers to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste.

h) In the time of William Shakespeare, there were commonly reckoned to be five wits and five senses. The five wits were sometimes taken to be synonymous with the five senses, but were otherwise also known and regarded as the five inward wits, distinguishing them from the five senses, which were the five outward wits.

i) The inward wits are part of medieval psychological thought. Geoffrey Chaucer translated Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy into Middle English.

j) According to Chaucer's translation, "imagination" is the most basic internal faculty of perception.

k) Humans are thus "sensible", "imaginable", and "reasonable" (i.e. capable of sensing, imagination, and reason, as defined), all three of which feed into memory."

Tuesday, May 3

The Definition of God

"We must seek for Pure Life, Pure Truth
and Pure Love - and that is the definition of God"

Fulton J. Sheen

The Definition of God

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Monday, May 2

The Actor Who Played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ Film

Published on Mar 25, 2016

The Actor Who Played Jesus.
 "The Passion of the Christ Film"

Amazing testimony and words of Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ film, which is the highest grossing R-rated film in history (and rightly so) just like the Holy Bible is the world’s best-selling book (and rightly so). Jim Caviezel is being interviewed by Dave Cooper.This interview is highly inspiring.

He talks about how God's
Providence allowed him to suffer several very painful injuries and illnesses when filming which allowed him to participate in and portray Christ's Passion in a deep and real way. He tells about the shocking fact that he was struck by lightning at one point in the production. He gives advice to all Catholics about the seriousness of living the Faith, not trying to "fit in" with our neo-pagan society, and the necessity, joy, and honor of suffering for Jesus Crucified for the salvation of souls.

His testimony is amazing and real.

These YouTube Library VideosI find help me put together
A Story with another Framing
About Christ.


Rupert Sheldrake, Phd

Published on Jun 25, 2015

Richard talks to Rupert Sheldrake,
A Cambridge biologist
who has
Fascinating theories about the mind.

These YouTube Library Videos
I find help me put together
A Story with another Framing
Approach to the same Idea of the 'Mind'
I admire both Men Above.