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A Pleasant, Brilliant Atheist Obliterates an Obnoxious Christian in this god

Published on Nov 7, 2014
Dan Barker vs Matt Slick - Does God of the Bible Exist?
Matt Slick often mentions his website that he wants you to visit so to make it easy,
Debate on whether does god of the bible exist on April 12, 2014 at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Dan Barker showcases his wisdom is a classy manner against the stubborn Christian unwilling to debate honestly.


Child of Rage - The Documentary (Part 1)

Hi and much welcome, to my virtual home, in this Blog.
My name is Don. I was told on the day my mother-in-laws

remains and last hours were in our catholic church in her casket.

My wife's nephew was to tell "me" in a few hours the family secret, that no one told me before I married Denise Wesley, in1964.
"She had been abused as a child by her father."

This was partly true. The abuser, was her mother.

Life and happiness turned down-hill for me. Denise now became my abuser. This is a story about abusing an elder; "me", the priest and psychoanalyst said it was repressed anger stored and ready in the mind of Denise with sufficient power to kill, without regret.

Child of Rage - The Documentary (Part 1)
Uploaded on Sep 27, 2009Beth Thomas, once labeled "The Child Of Rage" by HBO, tells the story of her healing from Reactive Attachment Disorder in a powerful story you will never forget! Beth's story of hope and healing will touch your life forever.