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 I bought and read this book in 2005

John Dalla Costa  - Canadian Scholar - Why Moral Leadership Is Good Business



I needed urgent Help - But who really cares ? - Life is cruel ?

Man-made injuries are cruel & mean and they are
the work of Lucifer; who tears things apart; and are a diabolical part of the collective mind.

Will my truth convince all Judges? Don asks!
It takes Courage, but it does feel good to tell the Truth, even if you spill some free food they are eating.

Don in 2007. A Healthy Man.

Three times in my life of 81 years and needed some "911" help.
Early; just past midnight I was laying...
face down on the Highway No: 7 - Road in Massachusetts.
I heard a quiet voice from distance, who was calling "Don... are you Ok?".  Could it have been call from another universe?
It was my brother Douglas who was about 40 feet away.
I replied "I'm looking for my glasses."
I realized that the Collision did happen. We were hit by a Driver who aimed his car at us. This Collision happened in 1952 on January 5. My Sisters birthday.
I was 18 at that time; and had been promoted by the Queen to the Rank of a Military Officer in the Royal Canadian Signal Corps [RCCS] I was almost ready to be shipped into the Korean War.

Laying on that road for what seemed like hours... with my head swollen to the size of a pumpkin.... I thought, will help ever arrive.  During those days there was no "911" help. Two cars passed by and didn't even stop. A third car did stop, with two young doctors who said Don is going into 'Shock' and needs immediate hospital care.
Help finally arrived... a taxi-cab with fold-down chairs that were like a stretcher. The driver who caused the Collision was Drunk, and was injured, but not in shock.  
It took me 4 months to recover, back into super-normal states of mind.
During this period I experienced "out of body flying"  This made me remember what my Dad told me.. "believe in God and fear nothing.

The second time I needed 911 help was around 2 in the early morning, and my wife and sweetheart, Denise Wesley, had not come home. This was on the night before Christmas 2008, when I finally received an email from Her.
She said.... "by the time you get this email, I will have left you."
At that time we had been married for about 45 years. Loosing your very best friend also injures us Psychically. This is 2015 and I still miss her.
This year would have been 50 years.

The third 911 call for help was also in the past midnight hours.
Once again a Collision happened which, I did also see coming at me from behind my little Car. I was driving along Highway 43 in Ontario.
I called 911 and one Sargent told me, over the phone, that no police were available for several hours.  Once again.... 1952 came back into my mind.
In this case, there was the Collision and an additional Psychic injury by the Police Collision report. The driver who made the Collision happen fled the scene of the accident. They found him the next morning.... ?? 62 years have past and Lucifer type minds still exist and seem to growing.

This last time however I was prepared by having my three best comforters available 24/7; God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. But my cell-phone went black just minute after the Collision!
For the best is yet to come.... follow me at ...

85 percent of us do care; the 15 percent who are in power over us don't care... so we are told by psychologists. ! Together we must obtain 100 percent who do care. This has been my passion since I was 2 or 3 years of age.

Juli Alexander, Executive Director of Redress, Inc. candidly discusses the present condition of the American judicial system. Examples of life destroying decisions void of common sense, morality and law handed down by judges are cited. The newest malady evolving from courtroom encounters called "Legal Abuse Syndrome" is explained. The accountability, qualifications and even the sanity of some judges are questioned and with good reason. The self policing or rather non-policing of judges is discussed and questioned. The fact that many actions have now been undertaken by judicial officers to protect themselves from the very people that they are sworn to protect is offered as a prime example of their fear of retaliation by those they "judge." The phenomenon of "power addiction" is also introduced. Don't let yourself become the next court room victim leaving a hearing wondering what happened to justice. See and hear what Juli has to say.

Reports - Donald Trump Team Asked Obama Admin. For Help Because Of Flynn

Published on May 5, 2017
New reports say the Trump Transition team was so worried about Michael Flynn's Russian contacts, they asked for an assist from the Obama administration. Our political panel reacts.

Ineffective Prayers vs Situational Private calls for Soulful Help

A Prayer, with Music that we Feel, is Personal Enough.

Talking to the Universe is Praying,
and Listening requires Deep meditating.

God inherited the Universe.

God provided Us the First Library to Use.

To Each of our Individual Comfort-Groups,
He Gave us a Library of different Books we can use; to write about Our very Own stories, not in His Library of Books

My English Group called His Library:
"The Bible", which came with some 60 Books and more!

It seems We: His non-mechanical Things, made Music to use and individualise;
Our very own Private Conversations with Him. 
To Him who knows every thing; our thoughts are old Habits stored in what we now call Cloud-Storage; which is and has always been,

My first Library; included The Holy Bible and another one named The Book of "A Thousand Things"
My Parents could not afford the whole set of Books called an Encyclopedia.
I still have that Book!

Here below is the Lords Prayer expressed in a Musical way.  Hope You Enjoy.
One more very Important Thought; to avoid Chaos, is that several of us He used: to write all the 60 odd books into His One Library.

Then; several more of Us, Translated the originals in to the many Languages we use in His Human World, something created out of  His way of Thinking which knows every-thing!

Now for some of the Music we Created to Honor Him.
Each tune is created by One of Us.

Don John Wesley

An Old Friend who lives In California. Vic Roth

(Donald John Wesley; is the one Writer of all above).

My Mother, Helen Kerr, was born in Scotland.
She came to America in a Boat and disembarked in New York  City.
I was was born in Montreal Canada. in the morning of April 17, in the Year of our Lord, 1933.
Doctor Shiberberg was there. 
It happened to be Easter Monday.

I was Baptized in The United Church of Canada.
Westmount Quebec, when I was 14.
I joined the Military Officers Training Corps; at the age of 17.
At 19; I was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth to become an Officer of Hers. 1953.

The Lords Prayer with Lyrics . . . . . .


. . . . Sin . . . . .?


Go and Sin No More