Saturday, December 20

Time to greet the Spiritual World. December 2014. Harvard Evidence based "Medicine"

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Hi and welcome into my little INN. My name is Don Wesley.
First, please see... this child in this video, wish you a merry Christmas.

And then see, ...
Harvard Evidence based "Medicine" A Lesson by John Lennox, Professor of Math.




"Elder abuse is a serious concern and it’s on the rise."

Hi and welcome in and read all you want and need to.
I'm pushing this old post from 2011 into this "present" for you.
My Name is Don and I'm 81 and I am one of the victims; with no-justice in sight.

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According to Article 48 of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, “Every aged person and every handicapped person has a right to protection against any form of exploitation.

Such a person also has a right to the protection and security that must be provided to him by his family or the persons acting in their stead.” Elder abuse, or the “exploitation of an aged person,” involves taking advantage of the vulnerable state or dependency of a person of advanced age and ultimately depriving this person of his or her rights.
This can be in the form of physical abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, abuse of rights, financial abuse, or neglect.

Disturbingly, in most cases, the abuse is committed by someone in a position of trust who is well known to the individual, such as a family member or a close friend."

Sciences and Theologies - What we can say today - December 2014.

The 4 pages you will see below, are from the little pocket magazine,
The Upper Room.

Hi and welcome into my Mind, where I live in both realities.
My name is Don Wesley. My father was very mechanical and my mother said "In that way you are like him; and in the way of the manger you are more like Him and are a Cradle Christian"
I like to imagine that I was there when Jesus was born in the manger; and the Dog was my role. The beauty of the spiritual world is in the images  we do create. They edify the truth we see.
I'm 81 now and know just a few of the theological studies of the many churches of God.
The Catholic Church is quite simple; it says don't read the Bible, it is too complicated. The non Catholic Protestants are more interesting, but they argue too much about Sin and Love.
The Catholics use the words Vices and Virtues.

In the Catholic Church, the Priest forgives your sins.
In the Protestant Churches, only Christ will decide if you are pure enough to enter the Gates of heaven. You will meet Jesus when you have passed on.
Do Catholics Sin more often?


Sciences and Theologies - What we can say today - December 2014.

He was born for me again - In a store window in Chesterville, Ontario December 19, 2014.

It is a night when the power of love is all lit up.
Years ago, I was in the Architectural lighting Business.

Hi and welcome in. This is Home for me. My Name is Don Wesley. I'm a Christian and I claim to know God as much as one can. There are many very deep levels of knowing. Jesus however, always seems like the only child of the King. We can it seems hold him.

He is part of every child who is born to a Mother.
This evening, December 19, 2014, I saw this scene in the window of a store for rent. There was Mary with her child. The most precious child the world has ever known. It was 13 below freezing last night and I got out of my car to get a close-up picture of this scene, to share with you.

Are you getting a taste of the feeling of seeing Christ when he was a few days old and in his mothers arms? Just mention the name Christ or Jesus and I long to love him. I do love all children like people. Even those over 100.
I love this huge little Baby.