Wednesday, February 4

Important Messages that should be free of Satanic thinking are?

Here is one that does require us to think?

Published on Feb 4, 2015....

When it comes to political and ideological beliefs, it can be hard to change people's minds. A recent study set out to determine whether the same can be said for beliefs about vaccines. Brendan Nyhan, one of the study's authors, tells The Agenda what works and what doesn't when it comes to dispelling myths about vaccines.

Infectious Messaging

Marketing Medicine?



Biological and Physiological Needs at the lowest level - Powerful enough to fumigate. ?

These are the most Basic of Life's  needs and we must "never" ignore these needs.
Jesus was a Genius when He got down to Basic Life needs - This is where the words of the "cruel" Satan awaken everyone when Jesus got very angry!
One can also see how angry Bishop Fulton Sheen got, when he discussed the diabolical behaviour of Satan.

The most cruel humans I ever encountered were my own Family Members and a few close friends and Business Partners. I am an expert in dismissing the very cruel employees who tear apart and destroy an organization.  The cockroaches will chase them and hide in the Dark to eat what is left of them. [Cruel people - The Bullies in our lives - like the renters of internet air time.] 

Biological and Physiological Needs at the "lowest" level - Powerful enough to fumigate.

If I look like a waiting cockroach
I have succeeded in warning you!

"The last creature on Earth who waits for Justice will be the Cockroach." Please call them Saints or Angels

This my little Inn; is only about justice "denied." See how long I'll wait and sit on you door step - waiting like a little cockroach just staring at you.
Don't Bully me... they are saying. Kill me and my Brother will sit and wait; watching You.  And We have many Brothers who sit and wait and hide in the Dark like God Himself. If you have experienced a cockroach like I have - Wow!

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I'm here... because I believe this soul-mate...

Maybe The Cockroach

 A Cockroach sits and waits and watches over You.
Until the end of Time; or sooner when he needs food to Eat.

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