Monday, September 22

Don Wesley on his Jaccam Cruiser (circa 1965)

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On the Rideau  with Denise my soul-mate
 On the Richelieu Canal

 Why are these two soul-mates separate now.
Harry Potter asks for Don.

Liberals vs. Conservatives! - Hell vs. Heavens here on Earth.

Hello, my name is Don Wesley,
and I'm 81,

and the date is now September 22, 2014. It was 50 years of being married to Denise Wesley on April 11, 1964. A treasure of precious years.

Denise is the determined one in this picture, above.

Her "fist " supports her chin.
A chin, I loved.
I was told her family secret
when her mother passed on.
Denise had been abused when she was a child.
I learned this 40 years after we married.
It was a hidden stranger in her,

that I never knew existed. I had some suspicion.

Here is my bit of history to share with you.
I wrote the following,
I opened the door and a bailiff  told me to get out of my "Family home" and never ever come back.
He had 3 police officers to insure I obeyed. This happened July 31, 2009.  I called my lawyer and he said "Your property has probably been sold".
In a blink of my eye, I thought; all those thousands of hours of work I put into creating a Family Home. This is also where my studio was for creating
2080 weeks of
"Intellectual Knowhow"  which I sold for my income.

My outgo in cash went into my wealth
which is my Family Home.   

It was Home for my two families:
a)  Christopher and me
b)  Denise Wesley, me and our two sons, Steven and Michael.
c)  I has also planned to care for my Mother, Helen and her sister my Aunt Esther.
d)  Our combined wealth was over a million.
e)  I became a Homeless victim.

f)  The following picture is me in 1967.
g)  For a few years in Quebec [a place I loved] I did vote Liberal. I never really thought it through.


[This is my Family Home; for all my family.
I left with what clothes I had on.
And I lived in my Car for over a year; in below freezing weather, in the Ottawa area.
I thought the Capital would be safer for me.]

I was not ever to come back, "not even" for my mail. I couldn’t believe what was happening but it is real. It is just over one year since I was ordered out of my home; the one I bought in 1969 and paid for; where I raised my three sons. I am devastated in the sense that " Biblical Job" was devastated. I did nothing wrong to deserve this. I am suffering right now in my 78th year.
Every Court day, other very good family men, like myself are being criminally abused in the very same way, Imagine if you could stop it; the impact on all of citizens!
...... September 22, 2014
My castle for my family, was stolen by a court order. The affidavits have never been tested before a Judge. My wealth seems to have disappeared.
According to a retired ex-RCMP criminal Investigator, who visited me April 3, 2014... my divorce is a case of Embezzlement and is before the Crown Attorney.  The case I followed and recorded so carefully, has now gone back into the mystery zone.
And the divorce returned the memories of a vehicle that first hit me when I was 19, in 1952.

The lies in the courts are what confuses the victim.
And then a sub-set of PTSD returns to destroy a virtuous life of contentment, which the victim
Don Wesley had worked to achieve.

This evil non-sense, happens here in Canada!
These "horrid, tortuous" consequences were made possible by the Liberal Government, led by Pierre E. Trudeau. Remember his silly dancing in the Royal Palace in London. The monarchy is not loyalty to the Queen, as we now know. He the Joker, was fooling us into thinking he knew better.
And he married a child and had children who suffered the injuries of a dysfunctional family.
What fools we were, to elect the Liberals and receive 40
years of confusion to resolve: where God seemed to have disappeared.
Let us not go through one more set of 40 years of confusion. I'm still here and 81; a former military officer (1952) at 19 years of age.


Take note, that I'm not an officer of the Courts, and the criminal laws have been successfully restored by the Conservative Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, restoring the powers of arrest.
Dear fellow citizen, please think what this now allows me to restore.... Our Family Home!
I just need your supporting "donations" to pay for a very knowledgeable lawyer to assist me to make all the appropriate arrests. With no peace officers involved imagine the money we will save. Fewer lawyers but more Judges that we need back in our small family sized towns.

Don Wesley 1933

September 22, 2014