Wednesday, May 29

The Source of Morality, with a Story by Don Wesley

May 29, 2013 5:05 AM 
A Letter to Henry* Rollock  - A Growing Teacher in Waiting.

The Source of Morality
and a Situational Story, provided by,
Henry* Rollock  

and what
Don learned
about his Source of Morality.

Dear, Henry, I have taken notice of your powerful words,
which you published and which
I enclose for others who may need them. - Don Wesley

The situation you provided, is just below.
 "Teaching someone about fear and living happy
would do little for a person that is in survival mode
and if you yourself were put in that survival position
'your' moral code would be tested
and you would see those shades of gray."

Dear Henry*, may I say,
that you remain in
total ignorance
of what the source of my morality is,
until I reveal it to you.

But ignorance is OK?
We can all be accused
of this disease of blindness.
But, Leave us the freedom to see

How and with
what attitude
would I serve a person
who is in survival mode!
Just perhaps
I have been in many!
As others have. Suffering,
is most hard to bear
when it has been caused
by man himself.
And without justice, it injures the soul! 

And feels like hell.

I know, we need to see everything!
Hell is just unhappiness, no need to look far;
it is all in our body, a body that is ill.
It needs a helping seer, who understands.

I believe I am one, when face to face with someone. 

"I Don Wesley, use Love, not as an emotion,
but as a learned State of wide-Awareness,
and Caring,
all with Kindness.
The taller I can stand
the farther the Horizon I can See.

And the horizon is circular, so turn and look around you.

I too, am far from being perfect,
and I'm learning as fast as
my body and mind will allow me"

I refused to let my work be defined by technology.
So I studied Holistically!
So now I am just Me, all alone with a secret telephone.
Please don't judge each one-another
based upon what you accepted
for your Rights and Reasons.
And please don't judge me with Rights and Reasons,

from others you just met, and really can't know.
Ask me questions before
condemning me please,
I may find myself needing to change
Maybe some of my answers
will meet the test of Good or even better.
I use my imagination to create!

I leap out of logic to play with ideas.
Call me crazy only if you really intend to injure me.
Then instead of attacking you I can defend me!
Just be my friend and play with new ways of thinking.

Now about LaMar's Test.

1 -   Without “nourishment” this person will die quickly. 
2 -    Most All the energy goes into survival and fear! The rest of body goes hungry!
3 -   They need our complete-awareness of their needs and nutrition, until healthy, 
4 -    If they remain in state of dying, they need, even more of us!
5 -    Not to give them what they need is cruelty!
6 -    They don’t need lessons, but we do!
7 -    Situational Lessons from History too!

What I discovered when looking
for the moral principles

to "hear" the guidance for me,
from the fields of knowledge;
from somewhere unknown
to possibly declare as my view.
Nothing humble about owning a view.
You can always exchange it.
I found in the evidence of ancient
scholarly works, the examples of many great teachers.
But Christ, was the one that caught my attention.
Much work had been done to communicate his message.
There is a need for his kind of message.
His brilliance at recognizing the needs
of all living matter,
stood out from others!
It was perfection!

And that is his lesson.
He saw what his Father,
had created in this world!
This world was designed
to provide what
we needed for survival,
"without fear."

He Christ, rejected with unflinching power
the idea of giving some, what they wanted.
Because that would take from what we, meaning humanity of all matter.
The math is very simple.

And the thinking that follows is,
that if what is provided for needs
is transferred to wants.
Money will have to be invented.

The inventory for needs would diminish!
And created money lenders would grow.
But he knew they created nothing.
He declared, his thinking to those who would listen!
He gave no time for counter-attacking!
He knew his time was short and he kept his message short

to reveal to us what he could.
His murder would get our attention
His message is so very simple!
Live in this world
as good people,
who “must” learn

to live 
in State of love.
There is one other must!
It is, before you leave your parents home,
you must
learn this State of perfection,

called love.
Fathers must pay the bill
for your mistakes.
The whole family must
do the farm work
to borrow the money,
he needs for the family.

Until soon,
Don Wesley,
In a state of Love

and listening, for 911 calls