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Pendle Witches

 Billy Connolly travels through "Pendle" and tells the story of pendle witches



Social Justice and the Homelss! ~.~

Hi and welcome into my blog, where we can arrange to meet and find that our minds are already meeting in the other reality that many doubt exists. My name is Donald John Wesley. Those who love me, call me Don. 
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I too am a Chaplain. I'm 81 and live alone. I work with God as a Partner; you can be His Partner.

I too have been through the "process" of having my own Home and being made Homeless. The cruel "process"  started when I was 78. It hasn't ended yet. I have yet to see Social Justice.
Please notice... that this is the 17th, and I find Kristen is in our other world and encouraging me.
Don Wesley.

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Published on Jun 26, 2014

Kristen came from a family of faithful Methodist Christians.
In college, she drifted away from the faith but was active in social justice work.

A friend's suicide attempt began her return.
After Jesus appeared to her in a dream, she returned to Christ and began to think of going to seminary.
Her work with the poor brought her to confirm her faith in Jesus.

While working as a chaplain in a mental hospital, she began to read Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who, along with her Catholic husband led, her to the Catholic Church.
Kristen has written the book "The Glory to Be Revealed in You: A Spiritual Companion to Pregnancy".

For more information about the Journey Home Program produced in the CHNetwork studio and broadcast on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), to find out where/when to watch or listen, to browse/search episodes, suggest a guest or submit questions/comments, please visit: ( )

The Coming Home Network International was established to help inquiring clergy ( as well as laity of other traditions ) to return home and then to be at home in the Catholic Church.



BPD-related cognitive- (perceptual difficulties and challenges in their diagnosis) and treatment

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Hi and welcome. My name is Don Wesley.
I love complex things and thoughts, and this includes my Family.

Since 1962 I've been living with "One" and DID.