Friday, April 20

Let the bells ring loud and vibrantly for a minute of melody

Let the sky be clear and winds light and fresh; let the sound of flowing spring water be heard in the silence of the early evening horizon.
1. Let the bells ring loud and vibrantly for a minute of melody
2. Let the town crier declare that a happy earth is near; next year.
3. Get busy and ponder the question “To Be or Not to Be."

4. Intend to be the person you are meant To Be.
5. Turn, find and take care of those suffering and tell them the good news.
6. Rejoice with your neighbours as they go on with their new chores.
7. Get ready for the work of harvesting what the world was designed to provide.
8. Celebrate in quiet meditation to regenerate your creative abilities.
9. Pull the strings of your family together and sleep under the starlight.
10. Enjoy your favourite breakfast and leave for the courts to ensure that justice is quick and merciful.
11. Volunteer to be a town crier of good truthful news to ensure the gossips will wither away.
12. Put your Egos in a box and bury them, ensuring your talk will be simple.
13. You will have found the virtue of contentment.

An output from the heart and soul of me  - 4/20/12   10:46 PM