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Denise and Don Wesley were married 50 years ago on April 11, 1964.



 Denise and Don Wesley were married 50 years ago on April 11, 1964.

I had an un-expected and un-wanted conversation with a man who managed to corner me in a Tim Horton's coffee shop. It was about 1:30 AM, April 3, 2014. A Thursday.

I was the only customer until he came in. After a rath
er unusual explanation of how he was injured by falling 12 feet, I asked what he did for a living. He said he was a retired RCMP Criminal Investigator. The RCMP uses these retired men to concentrate on one case at a time.
I had in mind my own case of loosing my Home in DDO, Quebec which started Xmas Eve 2008.
Yes he said... that case must be sent to the Crown Attorney... it is a case of Embezzlement.
He gave me his name and the town he lives in and said we would meet again. The whole conversation was about 20 minutes.
I know that ‘Service Canada’ is investigating my case. How can a man loose all his property? Property he bought and paid for in 1969.

Embezzlement is a kind of financial fraud. For instance, a lawyer could embezzle funds from clients' trust accounts, a financial advisor could embezzle funds from investors, or a person could embezzle funds from his or her spouse. Embezzlement may range from the very minor in nature, involving only small amounts, to the immense, involving large sums and sophisticated schemes.