Wednesday, December 16

Susan Cain ~ The power of introverts

This blog of mine wouldn't exist if I wasn't an introvert and have lived alone since I left my own Home in 2009.

I saw this on TED years ago; however this morning
I heard about it again, on CBC Radio ~ Ottawa
Now I have a rented home with some of my books with me.
I create new thoughts every 2 or 3 days and bring them to this blog for all to see.

Have them change evil to live! ~ So rebuke them

When a child's behavior is one you want them to avoid; don't be angry [silently or out-loud]: if you do, you hurt the child and yourself.

The good way is to rebuke them.
What does rebuke mean?

This also applies to those adults who need help to quit their evil habits.
Have them change evil to live! 

My words [an old man] 

Don John Wesley...... \/ 

Last Right - John Alan Lee's story and Don Wesley's added: Short version.

Re-Visited December 16, 2015.
I Re-Visited because someone out in the internet world  found their way into my blog. Without the blog to share, I might follow John Alan Lee's way.
Published on May 5, 2014 
"In the last installment of the series on assisted suicide, Duncan McCue speaks to John Alan Lee, a former university professor who plans to kill himself, not because of illness but simply because he's had "enough."

 I, Don John Wesley, 81... (See me Below)
Have duty to live.
And problems to solve!
Some days and nights are dark!
But the next day solutions just flow in!
And those solutions I talk about
and see the joy it brings to others,
is a great pleasure... all mine.
People say I look like 70.
I know self healing works.
 I'm not saying John Alan Lee
is wrong.

These days I'm writing for my Blog, the INN and
I'm a Chaplain for my Lodge and other's
who seem to like my manner of working.
It is a joy and a gift from above to
See the Children who wave at me to stop and say hello.
All seem to enjoy the True Stories I can talk about.
True stories grow your "Intuition" and enable "You"  to skip
the "Slow Logic Reasoning."
Become an Einstein!


6:09 AM 5/08/14  The following is added.
While out of my home [July 2009] that I had grown around me [organically] they removed my belongings, destroyed most and sold the rest. They destroyed my trees and bushes, flowers beds and more. Then they sold my home, and kept the cash, with a verbal promise of giving me some later.
To get me out of my own home that I bought and paid for and grew around me for more than fifty years; they created an embezzlement scheme and used it. I was left with my car and a few clothes and no income. And my Dog "Nicky" was poisoned and died while I held him.
Fearful of being killed... I escaped from Montreal and hid in the Ottawa region. I lived in my car and begged for gas money and food.
They were unable to put me in a Jail-like old age institution. They said I was physically and mentally disabled.
This happened on Christmas Eve 2008.
I'm 81 now and its the 8th of May 2014, and living in one Jail-sized room. They have yet to communicate with me.
A retired Criminal Investigator visited me April 3, 2014 and told me he completed the Investigation and it proved it is a case of embezzlement.
Should I have the right to end my own life... if I decided too?
Where can an old abused man like me find Justice?
I have the "right" to make a citizens arrest: Should I use it to get a better life? Do you think I have a negative attitude and should be ignored?
There are thousands like me in North America, abandoned by his family!
I do have some concern like "Job" who lived to 140 and raised more family!

The Look [Part 3]

The Look [Part 3]

The shocking Marina Abramovich - Newsnight

Published on Jun 6, 2014
There aren't many artists who are actually prepared to die for

their trade. Marina Abramovich is one of them. She has been
stripped, burnt and stabbed in the name of art, and at one
performance even invited audience members to point a loaded
gun at her head. One of only two artists to make it onto Time
Magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
Her new British exhibition is about to open. Katie Razzall went
to meet her.

"Borderline "Discussion"

George Carlin - Dealing With Homelessness

Uploaded on Jan 17, 2012
George Carlin in 1992 performing 'Jammin In New York'.
Talking about the issues of homeless people.

 When he first ported his own head above ground
I thought he was a bit more, than too Vulgar.

Don 2007 when he had a home to live in.

Now I love him