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Demeaning causes what is called "depression"


You are great, is the Truth; Everyone is special.
6:54 PM 2016-10-24
I awakened, because I fell off my bed!

A SPECIAL Thought I learned today while dreaming.

It is, what Dr. Lundell did for me: He said...
"You are Don, a very great creative Man, in your own right"

Never demean yourself is what I learned today.
Demeaning causes what is called "depression"

When you feel depressed; hang around with people who recognize the best in you.

'You are a very special person: Thank you'

A genuine smile, is the most powerful signal you will ever receive.

If you don't see them smile;
they think you are, only one dirty straw, in Field of Wheat.

Your own smile when you greet them,
is a sign that tells them, something is great about them.

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The lying smile also reveals; that you are up to something that will harm them.

If they say 'Have a good day' while not looking into your eyes:  They just dropped a smell of  field Manure on you.

You are great, is the Truth:
Everyone is special.

Complex Trauma - Understand what it means

Don's - Notes

My abusers planned for several years to give me only 15 minutes to leave my Home - July 2009. Even the Courts didn't protect me from the 3 Lawyers and my 2 Sons and My wife of 50 years.
I was 77 then: Now I'm 83 years old. Some people I meet, say I look like 65.

I was evited in the morning: In the afternoon my sons from Ontario were destroying my property and stealing my belongings.
See the pictures above/below: I had the courage to take these picture because a court order made me stay away or be arrested. 

My son Michael said "Dad your Ok today and you be Ok tomorrow"

'From 2009 up to now 2016'
Her lawyers said they couldn't give me more time.
They still owe more than a half million dollars.
Plus the rental income I lost.
$1500 per month for all those years shown above.
Thank God, I'm still well and even mentally powerful enough
to write this blog:  named "Innjustice"

I have been injured by their actions
and suffer from Complex Post Trauma disorder.

During the Winter of 2009-10, I slept In my Car; in parking lots in Ottawa the capital of Canada.

An Age for Justice

An Age for Justice; Elder Abuse in America, a video produced by the Elder Justice Now campaign, shows the families and individuals whose lives have been turned upside down by elder abuse. The video provides stark proof of the financial, emotional, and physical and psychological impact of the violence and abuse that an estimated five million Americans face every day. We hear from Vicki Bastion, 92, who installed a security gate inside her home to protect herself and what valuables she had left from her grandson and his gang‐related friends;

Betty Beckles talks about her daughter beating her; Bob Lee tells us about his father, who was victimized by a paid caregiver causes depression that contributed to his death; and Pat Smith tells us about her husband, who has Alzheimer's disease and was victimized financially by a young woman in Las Vegas who walked with $750,000.

The video was produced by the National Council on Aging and WITNESS, to shine the light on what one interviewee called a dark mark on our humanity.

Love Promise

Loves Enduring Promise

Kindness and Cruelty

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The term cruelty is often used in law and criminology with regard to the treatment of animals, children, spouses, and prisoners.
When cruelty to animals is discussed, it often refers to unnecessary suffering. In criminal law, it refers to punishment, torture, victimization, draconian measures, and cruel and unusual punishment.
In divorce cases, many jurisdictions permit a cause of action for cruel and inhumane treatment.

In law, cruelty is "the infliction of physical or mental distress, especially when considered a determinant in granting a divorce.

Les Miserables

This movie epitomizes what is means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and is a great example for our society today.
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Random Acts of Kindness

An Act of Kindness