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Forbidden Area - Forbidden Area 1956

Forbidden Area

The Making of a 'Psycho' - Part 1 of 5

The Making of a 'Psycho'

What Would Jesus Do - Short Film by children

Published on Sep 7, 2014
"What would Jesus Do?" is a short film that showcases the varying reactions of grade 1 & 2 students should Jesus ever visit their school.

What Would Jesus Do

Mountain Monks

Award Winner 2016 Docu-travelogue

Planet Earth II

BBC Earth ~ Official Extended Trailer

State of Mind ~ Psychology of control

Top Documentary

Desert Seas ~ National Geographic

David Attenborough

What Makes a Bully

Developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld discusses the bully syndrome in order to understand how bullies are made and unmade at the KMT Child Development and Community conference in Toronto.

Bully . . . .

Trumps business entanglements . . . Indonesian mining scandal

Trumps business entanglements . . . . .   January 4, 2017

Malignant Narcissist ~  Donald Trump - Personality Disorder . . . .

How & Why Donald Trump Stole America

Why Does the Bully Get Away with Their Behaviour

Why Does the Bully Get Away with . . . . Their Behaviour

President Obama & the First Lady Address Bullying


The Four Workplace Bully Types

The Four 'Nation' Bully Types