Tuesday, May 17

---- Homeless Again ---- God, please help me ----

Within in month I face being homeless once again.
I wonder, when I will find relief from this cycle of hurt.
Will I find the spiritual strength to survive again.
Will I see Kindness instead of Cruelty.

Victor Roth, what God asks of us and a Friend to Me


 May 12, 2011.

Victor Roth, an extraordinary example of what God asks of us.
I have known you for Seventy Years

What comes to my mind this morning is that you didn’t “reject yourself” but you rejected what others were trying to impose on you.
This thought about you is remarkable to me. You took ownership of yourself and I am amazed at the results. You are an extraordinary success.
When I reflect on your life as I have come to know you more, I am truly proud to know you.
You have lived a truly good life.
You have everything that is precious to a family life; everything that I now have lost. You have a Home and a beautiful Family and a Job that is very important to the functioning of a local community Organization, where you are recognized for your excellent work.
In my mind you are what God wants you to be, unique and perfect. You would be a remarkable Freemason.
Vic, please accept what I am saying as the absolute truth of what I believe about should be said about you.
You Victor Roth are perfect example of what God wants of each of us.
Brotherly Love
Don Wesley - May 12, 2011.