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A Watch again  film.   3/17/2015 

Hello, my name is Don Wesley.
My wife's parents had just recently passed on!
Denise and I had been married for 45 years and I just found out that she had been abused as a child and the repressed injuries 
were revealing themselves to me for the very first time.
It hasn’t been pleasant for me. She became some one I didn’t know or was capable of understanding.
After 5 years of aloneness for me, and intense study I now understand.
I really love and will find a way to heal her,

We made ReMoved with the desire that it would be
used to serve in bringing awareness, encourage, and
be useful in foster parent training, and raising up
foster parents. . We were very fortunate with Abby White, the young
actress. Without her we wouldn't have a film. Her parents were so amazing as well.


A picture Time Line - she had left until she took over - and emptied the property

Where was the OPP ?
I re-visit this today, 2015, January 14.
This is factual data,and evidence of the crime(s) committed by my family and Francyne, Denise's' employer
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All alone, by the Telephone - No calls, from anyone.
New Year's Eve - 2009
A beautiful site of pure snow.  No traffic in site.
A splendid view from my Front Window,
looking east on Hazel Drive.
All family Homes; I knew everyone.
The silence in my home,
was depressing and a stark contrast.
What is my family doing? Are they happy?
I did talk to, my sister-in-law, Nicole, who asked me,
if there was anything she could do for me.
Here, below, she was talking to her Girl friends and told them she had decided to leave me. - Mary Armstrong called me and flirted, without telling me Denise was leaving. Mary is the widow on the left side of this picture.

Father McGee, told me there was malice present in Denise's intentions - Cruelty.  A love or hate relationship.
Narcissism and Borderline Personality Disorder.
Denise my soul-mate, had been abused
 as a child.
I was never told of this family secret, until a few months earlier.
Oh, had I known,
we could have treated the problem with more urgency.


Here, below, I knew something was up.
Denise was in complete charge and in a "too-happy mood" from a few days earlier.
A plan was in action here.  2007-11-23, Gilles Birthday.



Below, Michael, my son was here working, for $1000.00 per day, throwing stuff out and packing what he could sell in Ontario. I was evicted in the morning and he was there,
in the afternoon. [From Hamilton, Ontario]

Face to Face, I told he was stealing, from me.
He said "Mom is making careful notes
And walked away without a blink.
Francyne was sitting and guarding the front door. I hid, while taking this picture.

Notice my Buick squashed under the clutter.

The U-HAUL, was loaded with all my mechanical devices and electrical supplies.  Michael drove it away.
I had hope until I saw this happening.
Don't ask how I felt at 77 years old, with much work-in progress, worth more that a half million dollars.
Physically and mentally Fit.


Denise says she was being honest; OK.
But she didn't know the value of the work I was doing. Imagine, she didn't know and she didn't give a damn.

She had all my wealth, all my cash, and sold my family home and the separate studio's. And all contents. She had just inherited her Mother's wealth. And she collected 10 years of spousal allowance from the Federal Government. $60,000.00
I also gave her 10 years of tax credits. $6000.00 per year.

And I gave her a Home-Owner's Line of Credit - $90,000.00 with no capital repayment and at the very lowest yearly rate of interest possible at that time. $1.00 per day per $10,000.00. This was for my use. She could borrow.
She had her own Line of Credit
$25,000.00She took a trip to France in January, 2009.  

I was living in my Car in Ottawa, in temperatures at 17 below centigrade.
From my Home to Homelessness,
in 2009-2010

A Crime in the Criminal Code ?
Section 322 Theft by Husband or Wife! And assisted by Guess who!

I never ever abused her. I wasn't happy with her moody behavior, but we were working on that problem, together
"Abuse" must be continuous and escalating.  Hers was as defined here, and mine was predominately, a steady kindness and compassion


[All of the above was created on October 7, 2013.]
I have yet to collect from the Court, the money owed to me.
Not even an apology. How could this happen, you may be thinking.
I have been observing, researching, studying and thinking about this investigation of mine. Denise and her companions created the idea, and the Court system owned it from there on.

Who can challenge this Organization;
we own it, but it quality-controls itself.
"This system controls us all." Don Wesley



Michael, and U-HAUL dismantling and throwing out my stuff for the Garbage

An Update (3/17/2015 - 3:24 AM)
An embezzlement scheme solved in Ontario by a veteran RCMP Criminal Investigator, working for Service Canada. [Part Time]

Where has the OPP been all this time - A great question for the OPP ?

It was planned in advance: they diabolically torn apart my "living" Home and then sold the House and Property and pocketed the money. (My life savings)
They couldn't wait until I pass on to my heavenly Home.
They didn't even care about their older Brother they had!  (Christopher John Wesley)


Hello and welcome to my personal Blog.
My name is Don and the Home is mine and always was
My 2 sons helped to have me evicted.
I told them they are stealing all I had.
Michael said : "you are all right today and

you be alright tomorrow."
My son Steven is a psychiatrist.

His car is in the picture which I took.
His Ontario license plate is very clear.

I have objective evidence all that they did which is
Criminally abusive.
I'm 81 and alive and capable of surviving...  God willing

until the age of Job.
I feel sorry for who may be hurt by their curious behavior.

The Divorce covered up the Crime.

Michael and the U-HAUL Truck

Michael July 31, 2009

Steven's Auto October 9, 2009
And more thrown out.

The OPP and their Collision Reports - A puzzle now solved.

One more update - (3/17/15 - 2:51 AM)   I received a call, from his supervisor, who said his call was about the accident on the 16th.    Wow>  The Collision Report of the 15th is a lie. A lie always traps the liar. www.google.com/+donwesley 

An Update !

I have the name of  his supervisor and I have left a message for him to call me 4:51 PM,

March 10, 2015;
and I'm still waiting for my Collision Report of February 16, 2015 at 12:45 AM.

I need this Collision Report. Please help me.


The OPP and their Collision Reports  -  A puzzle to be solved. Will you  see the  puzzle ?

The last accident I experienced was in 1952, January 5, when a vehicle hit me and projected me, 40 feet through the air and I landed on my head...   face down. 5 months to recover!

I was 18 and had just been promoted to a Military Officer. It was on Highway 7, in Massachusetts. This too, happened in the middle of the night.

Now.... I'll be 82 in April.

It was 12:45 AM in the dark of night and the collision occurred very suddenly.  February 16, 2015.
At 1:00AM,  I called 911 and they.....
Transferred the call  to the  OPP operator,   who told  me, no  other cars were available to come to the scene of the accident.

I asked her to have an officer call me. Officer - badge number 9122, did call me and confirm, that I was on my own. I told him the driver of the car that hit me in the rear, lost control of his car on the Highway. He also left the scene of the accident.

This happened at 1:00 AM on the 16th of February. Later that morning I received another call from an OPP officer, who told me they found the man who drove his vehicle into mine. He asked to come to the station to make a statement. I made an appointment for the next day at 2:00 PM. [The 17th]
A lady officer heard my story and wrote it down and asked me, to sign it; which I did; and gave her pieces from an adjacent spot to my accident. She identified a part as being from a Chevrolet.

Later in the day, another police officer came to my front door and awakened me and handed a Collision Report with a number on it. He then told me the driver who hit me had been charged with leaving the scene of accident.
Then he handed me a summons to appear in court because, I failed to yield.
This triggered my PSTD symptoms and I soiled my underpants and he left me standing there in shock. He said "Don't argue with Him"

The next day, I attempted to read his collision report [the 4th copy].
What was the date of the accident ? ... February 15 at 11:30 PM.

This is now March 9, 2015 and I'm still waiting for my Collision Report of February 16, 2015 at 12:45 AM. I was at home on the 15th at 11:30AM

My Car has been nicely repaired and I'm driving again. However the summons is still existing.

Do you see the puzzle here?

During the night of the 18th I went to the Emergency Hospital in Winchester, Ontario.
I had a headache which not normal.
I am now experiencing PTSD symptoms. [Hyper-vigilant] When driving with a car too close behind me.