Sunday, March 15

A Family - Managing One or all the Families in Our world.

Two different situations!

Let me think awhile: Someone did testify how well I remolded groups of people into ones that worked extremely well.
His name was Serge Holoduke.
I was very depressed at that time: My wife of 45 years had just left me. I was considering leaving this messy world.

His wise words encouraged me and gave a reason to stay.... I had important work to do for everyone.

Here is what Serge said to me back then.....


From: Serge Holoduke
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 6:07 PM
To: Don Wesley
Subject: Re: A NEW WEEK...

I am glad that you refer to it as an experience. You of all people recognize that it is our experiences that mould us, that make us who and what we are. Experiences give us the energy to drive ahead, to take adversity head on. Experiences prepare us for each day.
I know you well Don and, I know you are a man of great intellect and great vision. You gathered these together and built two companies that I had the privilege to belong to. I watched as you moulded both companies and the people within them to become successful enterprises. The people benefited from your leadership. I was one of those people.
So like me in many ways you are going through a new experience and I know that like me you will pass through the door to the other side and go on.
God bless you Mr. Wesley for all that you have and still pass on to me.

Serge Holoduke

Serge's words made me cry.
I was so wonderfully pleased to find people who believed in the powers that God gave me: To manage people into refreshed groups with new ideas and reasons for living - Heaven is here now....  in little Islands of people. We just have to grow them bigger... minute by minute and then second by second...... [end]

Angel Messages and Card Reading - (Doreen Virtue's 2015 Annual Angel Messages)

Published on Jan 5, 2015
Doreen Virtue discusses the divine guidance she has received for 2015, as well as draws and explains 12 angel cards for each month.


Just Beautifully revealing..... a wondering mind.

Just Beautifully revealing..  a wondering mind.


Family, the best type to live in - (Living in a well managed Family, designed by an Intelligent Mind)

Family, the best type to live in; is the one first designed by our creator. ?
An inventor designed the wheel and it works very well... on roads.

My mother raised me by herself, with the help of my brother and sister.
My mom's invention worked pretty well; however I never learned to manage a family where the "male father" was the boss.

I raised three boys who never argued with each other. However they did scheme and fool their father (me). They used methods called fraud, together with their Mother.

Well now, looking back over other newly invented families, I can easily see....  their inventions are like square wheels. Our creators' invention of the round wheel is the best. Square wheels need elevators to work up and down only.

Coming up next - Family Homes rather than Rooming Houses!
What a difference "One Word" makes (Home vs. House)
Homelessness is torture and a House is where you pay rent to the owner.
Stay with me and I'll tell you about my story about Homelessness and no Family near by to help. A Home is where you pay no rent; but you do work to share the expenses of the home - Farm Like.

No Police Officers were available; but the OPP made a Collision Report ?

An accident scene, is like a crime scene.
The scene and all those involved must be "managed" by Police Officers.

I called 911 and none were available. I trusted the man who rear ended me. However, "he left the scene."
Later in the morning/afternoon, I received a call from a Constable of the Ontario Provincial Police, who told me.... he found the driver who collided with the rear-end of my car. How he found him/her,  remains a secret he alone keeps to himself.
Now here comes the problem for us to solve... there were "two" accidents at the same spot within one hour. One on the 15th and the second on the 16th.

Which accident, was the Constable.... who called me, referring to? He invited me to talk with him at the Police Station.... and I did that.

He talked about the accident of the 15th and I talked about my accident on the 16th.

That afternoon/night he visited and gave me the Collision Report he prepared for the courts. It was the 4th copy and barely readable and it was for first accident on the 15th.
On the 15th, I was still at home! He also gave me a court Summons, alleging that I was the one who caused the accident. I soiled my underpants. 

To be a perfect police officer, you need knowledge and skills and common sense.

This officer, has invented a story for his Collision Report, that doesn't reveal the "whole truth"
3/14/15  10:29 PM.

The first Officer to return my 911 call for help was Sargent Sylvain Laducer
Badge Number 9122, at 1:00 AM on the 16th. He told me no Police Cars were available. (To manage the scene of my accident on the 16th.)
I must not forget the parts I found from a Chevrolet. ? (The first accident)

It is a long evening of driving for me: to attend this meeting. I'll get my military courage up and try to attend.
Especially given the rear end Collision I received on February 16 just past Midnight.
He didn't control his vehicle and left the scene of the accident.
There were no Police Officers available; but the OPP  made a Collision Report for an nearby accident  at 11:30 PM February 2015. It was 23 below and the wind was blowing almost as hard as the Vehicle that Hit my rear-end.
They found the Guy who was driving and have charged him with leaving the scene.
They also said "I didn't yield for Him?
This cold weather does funny things; it seems to me.
The OPP has yet to correct their two mistakes.