Thursday, January 13

Good Luck with changing minds

Don This is your room-mate Victor Bolanos; keep up the work to get justice for me and others like me. I will never forget the harm she did to me.

I feel your pain, as I read your story

From: Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 3:21 PM To: Subject: Re: I don't when or where to start! It has been a journey which hasn't been pleasant. I feel your pain, as I read your story. The first I heard from you, was yesterday, Dec. 3rd. Try and give me a phone number, so we can chat. I admire your strength in these troubling and challenging times. Maureen's father had an English expression to keep going on, and it was''box on.'' Box on, buddy. Vicxx ----- Original Message ----- From: To: "Victor Roth" Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2009 8:38:13 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific Subject: I don't when or where to start! It has been a journey which hasn't been pleasant. You can help by telling me when you last heard from me. I just got this computer a few days ago; I have been without my old one for several months. I will then know where to begin my telling my story. It has been very difficult time for me. I spent several weeks living in my car, with very little money and temperatures reaching minus 7 degrees centigrade. Most of my time has been in Ontario; around Ottawa. I did this to avoid unlawful arrest in Quebec. Some of the time I was given shelter in temples and two weeks ago a former military officer (my age) paid for my my stay in a motel. I now receive the federal supplement to my old age security payment. I also received a back payments due to me since last march. My experiences have been very interesting and very helpful in advancing my own growth. My health has never been better and I have made several new friendships with exceptional people. As for Denise, she has delivered the maximum of evil doings, just as the text-book prognosis said would happen. It is difficult to believe. I believe that I will eventually be returned to my home. The court systems with regard to divorce is devastating families every day, making many men homeless. Both the Ottawa police and the RCMP, clearly see the corruption that is centered around the two lawyers in every case who want to sell the homes; and the Judges produce un-conscionable judgments. I going to stop at this point; just to prevent myself from poisoning my thoughts. I am happy to be able to write to you again. Don

Home and Homelessness - Part One.

“Deprived of bodily comforts, he learns to seek the grace and comfort of God." “Small consolation this is. But perhaps when all else fails, finding the resources within us to go on, to hope in the face of suffering, is as much as any of us can manage.” “Wandering for the love of God.”