Tuesday, December 9

Kindness - A Motivational Short - My power word.

Hi and welcome to this Merry Christmas Blog.  My name is Don and Christmas in December, is music to my ears.

Kindness is what saved me from freezing to death in my PT Home; a simple auto home.
And two friendly strangers.
We met in Tim Hortons, in Ottawa and it was 17 below.
They were so serious and kind; they acted very quickly and found a
motel next to Hortons and one paid in advance for my room.
His name was Herb Foxwell. One month paid in advance


Published on Nov 20, 2014
Never underestimate the power of these two words - be kind. A very simple phrase with such incredible potential to change the world. The kids at Aspen Academy in Colorado decided to put that power to the test - and committed to 1 million acts of kindness this year. We challenge you to commit to just one act of kindness today - and then pass this video on to someone else and offer the same challenge. Let’s change hearts and minds together!



Wayne Ellington "Mary Did You Know"

Hi and welcome in. Did you know that I'm addicted to this song. The emotions are so powerful.  

Published on May 29, 2012
Wayne Ellington "Mary Did You Know"



Zoe Huang considers herself a star seed with special abilities to evaluate viruses and determine the path to a cure.

Published on Dec 8, 2014
This is an impromptu interview shot on location in the lobby of our hotel with a very fascinating young woman. Zoe Huang considers herself a star seed with special abilities to evaluate viruses and determine the path to a cure. She is highly intuitive and believes she has figured out peak oil and the need to move to free energy in the remaining time we have left with that resource. In addition, she is writing a book revealing the matrix surrounding the notion of reincarnation and the true path to ascension.



Jesus, What A Wonderful Child ,Children's Choir

Welcome. My name is Don Wesley. I'm a happy Man, so Merry Christmas everyone.
What makes me happy is Zayne and Nicky; two family members who Care for each other.

If they have a problem they do involve me. I am Grand-dad.


Published on Dec 9, 2014
Hi and welcome to my Blog. It makes Merry to put it back into Christmas. We have a big new spiritual generation of  happy children again.


Can a human be replaced by a robot - delivered for Don Wesley, His human sub-servant with His Christ's Love.

Good morning Dennis and Denise Wesley.
It should or could be an interesting day, you-said, in the final texted [and polite] conversation  with me last night. Your kind remark, is becoming true.
The women who served me this morning at Tim Hortons, could have been replaced by a robot!
The following is what I wrote this morning for me, to try, ...a
 few different cutting words, to open the minds of those in need [Maybe 80% of the world].

I use the word cutting like a surgeon does.
I began to repeat what is being asked these days;

“Can a human be replaced by a robot?”            
Yes is my answer, I think, as a leading technician, we can as humans be replaced by machined-robots.
However we will never be as perfect as God and
His only human son, commonly known as Christ.

 This is what God had me write, using me as his human sub-servant. Tuesday, December-09-14 - 4:58:22 AM .....

“I just returned from Tim Hortons, where I ate a full meal.

I tried once again, to greet with, a gentle quiet smile, the woman who was there to take and deliver my order to me. She had little choice not to accept the happiness; I was delivering to her. Like a good Buddhist would do.

With that done, she took my order, which she already knew;
it is my habit to order the same meal every day.
I was hoping [or exploring] the idea of working by rules,
Without exceptions vs. allowing exceptions and using “wisdom”
We got into a very short conversation about this “idea”.

I did get... what I really needed; which is evidence for my book.
She felt [with certainly added] that it was becoming a fight. I disagreed.
For me it was a polite and very tiny conversation and not an argument,

She could not accept my explanation; neither could the man, behind me.
The delay didn't bother him; he wanted join the conversation with an invitation. I invited him in. He didn't believe in Jesus. He believes there is a creator.

This, for me, is enough evidence to support my hypothesis.

There are two types of fights that are used by thinking humans; Robots can never have them.

1.    Fair fights using rules – “Roberts Rules of Order” or other forms of wisdom. And Canon Laws which deliver nonsense. And Common case Law which is the best that is human.
2.    Fights with no rules; Even killing is allowed.
If neither works; flip over and into intuition. But beware, ...
You maybe be called crazy.

If we are going to solve the problems of the whole world, we must at the very least, have polite conversations, discussions and debates.
Too many of humans, do not know the difference.

Some individuals, [Denis Mallet, in conversation with me] told us last night, don’t fight against it. Which type of fight were they thinking about?”

P.S. When I have dreams, where I don’t even recognize myself, I know that I must get up and solve the problem I feared to face.
Fear can be measured from tiny to life threatening.
The fear I’m thinking about is very tiny.
However is must-not  be ignored.
Never ignore this type of fight;
Face it, with our heads up.

Don, sends you his love, with an instruction from God, for us to “think” a little bit.
12/09/14 5:45:00 AM

This  is the end of God's new words for 2014 Just created for us.