Tuesday, December 23

Super Normal Beautiful kids.

God, Family, My Wife, All Children, Holding the Hands of those Suffering.
And My Parents who molded my Happiness
That is me, Don Wesley. I'm 81 and spend my time looking at pictures of Children and Kind people. It keeps my Eyes wet.

I have many Kind People who known me.

Please Go the very bottom of this post and see Super Normal Kids.








The Secret to Happiness - Dr. Dan Siegel- On Generosity

Uploaded on Dec 17, 2009
Empathy and generosity are physically vital to achieving sound mental health and happiness. Dr. Daniel Siegel explains how and why.





Children who learn to talk and read at a very young age.

Hi and welcome in. My Name is Don and I'm 81.
Below, I'm with my Dad in 1934. I was born April 17, 1933.