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Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings

Technology, faith and Human shortcomings

The Science of Mindfulness



You're My Heart, You're My Soul

Modern Talking

And You My Love

Chris Rea

I Just Wanna Be With You

Chris Rea

André Rieu - And The Waltz Goes On

With Sir Anthony Hopkins

Senate NOW Investigating all TRUMP/Putin TIES!

Published on Jan 16, 2017
The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee announced a new thorough & comprehensive investigation of all details known about TRUMP and his campaign's ties to Putin & Russia. General Flynn, TRUMP's appointee to be National Security Adviser, called the Russian Ambassador FIVE times the same day President Obama imposed new sanctions on Russia for their election hacking, which was completely improper and suspicious? Gen. Flynn, a known Russophile, is not even appointed yet???
From The LAST WORD, MSNBC with David Corn at "Mother Jones" who broke the story.


New Details - Lawrence O'Donnell

Psychiatrists Call For Trump Mental Exam, Fear He Might Be Unstable

Published on Dec 19, 2016
A group of psychiatrists have sent an open letter to Barack Obama, pleading with him to reevaluate Donald Trump. They believe that his outbursts and behaviors indicate some sort of mental instability. And they’re probably correct. The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

Fear He Might Be Unstable

Are you a Multipotentialite

Are you a Multipotentialite