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Yes, you are experiencing deadly abuse from the Court.

From: Sent: Friday, January 07, 2011 8:01 PM To: Don Wesley Subject: Re: The simple true facts of Denise vs. Don You have proven your point time and time again. Yes, you were screwed. I notice in your blog that you indicate that your home was sold by Denise and your son.

The Family Court devastates families every day. Is this abuse?

 I received this knowledge from a working RCMP Officer, in a Family Court who declared to me (personally) that he sees this devastation and that there is nothing he can do as an RCMP Officer to stop this abuse. A municipal Officer in another City, who is involved in these Family Court situations, has personally told me that the two case lawyers are the people who knowingly keep this abusive system functioning daily. They pocket the wealth lost by the parties in these Family Divorce cases. There are no incentives for them to stop. It will take government involvement! Unconscionable Court Orders are issued, often based upon ex-party and ex-court Affidavits.

This is a Social Crisis! Djw, 2011-01-07


I am in my 78th year - an - Elder

1.. I made a better than average income, not a fortune in earnings; thirty percent of my time. 2.. Our family shrink predicted Denise would kill me – family dysfunction and a personality disorder. 3.. I spent 60 percent of my time researching, developing, and studying to keep abreast of the business community I served. 4.. I used those earning to continue improving the efficiency and comfort of my home, 5 bedrooms (plus my office and studio areas) all as I had planned (before I made the purchase.) 5.. I also developed services and products. These services and products were work in process(WIP). 6.. The WIP value, I estimate at $500,000.00. 7.. My life with Denise was beautiful until the late 90’s. There was no abuse or argument at any time. I loved her. 8.. Denise spent much of her time going out with office people after working hours. The clients were mostly male. 9.. Denise worked with other women who left their husbands (as walk away wives do) and still does. 10.. Denise planned her attack on me, months ahead. 11.. The attack began by evicting me from my home, into a state of homelessness; living in my car. (Physical abuse) 12.. Denise, my wife (with the help of Michael, my son) the sold the home and its contents.(Financial abuse) 13.. I Don, now live a devastated life in a 7 by 10 room with and endless number of problems to solve. 14.. I received nothing from what Denise has profited. Help I now need justice. Don

The truth is more time consuming to prove

The truth is more time consuming to prove
All about Abuse We are Experiencing