Thursday, January 23

An Indigo Child From 1933. An Adult.

I am an "Indigo Child" From 1933. See my children below.
It has taken me until now, at 80,
to realize I'm something very different.
My wife Denise is also from another spiritual world. She knew before me she was.
Little devils they are; maybe.
My Mother, revealed who I was.
She was a very well educated 'nanny' from Scotland.
I remember my mother using me to help people, whose close ones were dead and gone.
At 7, I could use a signalling system like the 'Morse Code.'
I did this on a three legged table that could tilt easily.

One knock for... No and ... Two yes. And a 50 cents for the message.
I thought something was fishy, but wasn't ever

In 1953, I was an  Officer in the Signal Corps [Canada]
And my soul mate Denise said I was the kindness man she ever met.

I'm a Chaplin Now.
Masonic Lodge 439,
Ontario Canada
This is great book to read and understand.
questionable thinking disorders.
I'm worth more than when she met me.
From any angle you can see.
They tried to destroy all of me.
How can you explain this story.

Listen to this explanation about murder.