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Teenage Models

Published on Oct 20, 2016

Teenage Models
Factory In Russia ~ Documentary

Becoming an Adult

Becoming an Adult by Joseph Campbell

Wisdom and President Obama

Wisdom - Barry Schwartz

Mind,Body, and Spirit Medicine

Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

Mind, Body, Spirit

Menti, Corpori, Moribus

Latin words that form the core of the District seal: “Menti, Corpori, Moribus.”

Mind, Body, Spirit

Our Bodies, with their Minds and their One Soul ~ All Resources !

Our Bodies:
With their Minds and their One Soul

Our Body includes its one Brain, with its Two Halves.

All Resources are used to process Dreaming!

The Process of Dreaming connects all and creates a Movie.
Our older Elders have longer Movies.
Without sleep for five days; Rats start to die!

Crows seem to use, what Humans fail to see and use?
This blog  will be completed by November 1, 2016

What's on Your Mind?

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