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The Case for our Soul, that we ignore or think is Useless


Victims of "Borderline" Partners.

A Typical Victim

Victims of "Borderline" Partners and Friends

By Don Wesley 1933.

My wife Denise, is or was such a partner. 1964 until 2008 x-mas eve, when she left me forever; that's what I thought. My Military Psychoanalyst told Me, that Denise would kill me.

I escaped to Ottawa and from there to a Farming Town nearby.
This Town, had a Gathering House, where all the local Christians could worship together: Here I met a very Tall man whose Brother is a Doctor. I met Doctor X, at the local hospital this morning, because I was experiencing pain and my left hand would seem to freeze into a solid position for a few minutes. My first question to Doctor X, was how is your tall brother; he told me,  his brother is being held in a local "Mental Prison" No one is allowed to see him because, someone will make Him angry enough to Kill. 

Many know my story, which describes How I was evicted from my own Home in the 2009.
The "Title to my Properties" was stolen(Robbed) from me. Properties are "Wealth"
I'm no longer "Wealthy".

Every police officer I've deliberately met, in Canada, since 2008; Not one could see that I was a victim of a Mentally Disturbed Person.

Denise hasn't killed me, but she shoved me into Homelessness, brutal life.

Denise is still free, and tall Andre, is in a mental prison.

If the Police Officers had more access to the source of Wisdom; I'd be free and a multi-millionaire.
Two weeks ago I met a lady officer who was "Kind" and told me what to do. [More Later]

In conclusion, here are videos, that explain what Borderline Disorders act like.



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