Sunday, October 19

Hello to everyone on this TED conversation from Don

We forget our past until something in us...  reminds us, that we need it.
I was thinking about what 'Happiness' is.
So here again I bring back into sight this post from November 23, 2011.

"The world cannot give it; the world cannot take it away. It is not given by outward circumstance; it rules in the heart; it is an inward state. To be spiritually  minded is to have rest."
Don Wesley.

I believe that old men, who have lived out their lives according the laws of the creator[s], hold the distilled truths about children. Children are simply amazing little bundles of wonder. I talked to three old men who fit this criteria during the past few days (hours of asking and listening) and heard beautiful stories of what they learned from their parents at ages of 3, 4 and more. All these men were brought up on the farm, where survival depended on knowledge and wisdom.

Without that knowledge and wisdom their stories were filled with suffering.

Instant happiness flows from me in the presence of a child. They are so precious, so beautiful. Learn from the child within us!
Good old people are masterpieces of distilled wisdom. Go and talk to your parents and grand parents while they are still alive and listen to their answers to “What are the Top things that their parents taught them before 6?” You will be amazed and you will do them honor! Realize that you get more things wrong than right!
At this moment Nov 23, 2011, there are 243 comments of wisdom from beautiful people of all ages, in this conversation. I thank our creator for TED.
I don’t want to offend anyone, so I went deep into my courage to add this comment today!
Love to all of you
[From The Silent Generation - 1930's]