Monday, November 23

For Roth's eyes only

VicRoth must see this now ~ from Don wesley

A kind helping hand, from a friend - Exposing the fraudulent methods being used for illegal gains.

[An up-date  3/12/15.... 5:21PM]

I asked this gentleman
to support my cause.
He is a
PhD - Electrical Engineering
[This is an up-date to the incident on February 18, 2012]

Hi Don
You asked for an indication of support as you pursue the fraud and miscarriage of justice that is going on in the Montreal civil justice system.  I have to preface my comments with the fact that I know very little about the Montreal civil court system nor do I know what transpires there.  I have, in the past, however, been on the periphery of the legal and police professions, I worked for the RCMP for 7 1/2 years a while ago, and from that involvement I can well understand how a system can easily be manipulated for unjust ends.  When I couple my personal knowledge with what you have told me about what you have been through and are going through, I can only give you my support as you try to thread your way through  the system and try to expose the fraudulent methods being used for illegal gains. I don't understand either the complexity nor the legal implications of the problem.  I do know that you will need all the support you can muster to challenge a system that is as ingrained as that one is.  I will certainly pray for you and the work you are doing.  I trust that you will have the energy to complete it. 
See you on Saturday
Your brother

More investigation work for the collision of February 16, 2015

I did more investigation work for the collision of  February 16, 2015, in the early morning around 0:45 AM; kept me busy during the night.
I re-visited Tim Hortons in Winchester, and talked to Debbie who vividly remembers me calling the OPP 911, twice.  

Without my asking, Debbie quickly wrote her name, and  telephone number on paper: saying "give this to the prosecutor." I have her note.

That night I tripped and fell to floor; and she was the first to run and help me.  Like me, she worked in the Military  Signal Corps and retired. We are taught to protect each other.
That fall [to the floor], made think that I should go to the Hospital for an examination of  possible head injuries.
I did go, and my family doctor knows the results.

I won't reveal the telephone number of Debbie here on my blog: I am sending this number to the prosecutor via email. 

That accident reminded of the one that nearly killed me January 5, 1952. It too was in the early morning hours and the driver was drunk. Today I still get flash backs. This was same year I received the Queens' Officer Promotion. I was made ready for the Korea War. I was 19 years of age.

I did experience being out of my body and flying just above St Catherine Street in Montreal... the night Neon-signs made it appear beautiful. Two years later I became a Lighting Engineer, and worked for a group of  USA ~ CIA employees.
Later in the year I married and raised my son Christopher John Wesley; They told me, last year that he died of a cocaine overdose!

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You can love someone or even everyone; however only God can you trust.

Only God, can you trust!

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