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Private Prisons

The Shocking Way Private Prisons Make Money

What Happened to Alan Ladd (RIP)


Suicides ~ What Happened to Alan Ladd

The Trump Train Is Already Off The Rails

Off The Rails

 Ramachandran - Take the Neuron Express for a brief tour of consciousness

V.S. Ramachandran is Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and Professor with the Psychology Department and the Neurosciences Program at the University of California, San Diego.
 A former BBC Reith Lecturer, he co-authored Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind, with Sandra Blakeslee, and is the author of A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness.

Army Clinical Psychologists

Army Clinical Psychologists

Published on Oct 15, 2012
Major Deborah Engerran and Captain Ronnie Robinson, assigned to Fort Sam Houston, Texas, discuss their roles within Army medicine's behavioral health community.

Army - Psychologists

Category - Education ~ Election Recap

Election Recap !

Craig chats with Lance Morrow, author of "Evil," about September 11th.

From The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, September 11, 2008.

Late Show with Craig Ferguson E - Lance Morrow

The Many Faces and Titles of Christ

This Is The Real FACE OF JESUS CHRIST (Discovery)

6 Most Evil People To Ever Live On Earth

Published on Sep 6, 2015
From mad men that murdered untold numbers of people in war to terrifying people that like to torture people and broadcast it on TV.

We take a look at 6 Evil People to Ever Live on Earth!

The Symptoms of Mold Exposure and Mold Illness from Black Toxic Mold Exposure

Published on Jan 6, 2016

If you have brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, depression, weight gain, sleep disorders, joint pain, short term memory loss, weakness, headaches, drowsiness, runny nose, red watery eyes, coughing, crawling skin, dermatitis, jaundice or any of these conditions you made have a mold poisoning.
The Thing to do when exposed to Toxic Mold.
Mold exposure is invisible even when you're in a home and you smell a little bit of mustiness, it can create massive symptoms.

Mold exposure symptoms:
Throat closing
Bright red tonsils
Sinus pain and inflammation
Panic Attacks
Felt Crazy
Different species of mold can give estrogenic mycotoxins that exacerbate hormone issues. Along with that if someone has candida, it gives off an estrogenic toxin that adds more hormone imbalance issues. This is a recipe for craziness.

The most important thing with mold is to GET OUT of the environment

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The True Quiet Man

Alan Ladd

The Hollywood Collection ~  - The True Quiet Man