Thursday, December 24

I was allowed in! ~ I became a Military Officer at 19

All this occurred  when I left High School at 17.
Circa 1953.
I was allowed in! ~  I became a Military Officer at 19
2008 - Don in Montreal Canada

Gnosis - DMT The Spirit Molecule ~Documentary

DMT - The Inner Path to Other Worlds

I have never used DMT... ever.
However I have experienced what others have described.

The question for me is... Are some of us born with brains that produce more DMT? Is that Why some of us do feel like care takers of Humanity? The feeling is not ego-centric but is socio-centric.
It does make us more powerful!
What I did find out last night, is that I have much more DMT in my blood than other normal people. This beautiful mental condition allows us to communicate over 400 light years in 0.25 seconds.
Light from the Sun takes over 8 minutes to reach our Earth.
Please read and study what DMT does! 

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Maybe those who needed to try it were injured children.
For it is the normal way I've been living 81 years.
Sing me love songs and I get even higher and I love to Dance all night long. And we never had sex... we did make love. My Name is Don and my soul mate was Denise. In 2008 she lost her tuning fork to resonant with God. And she left me after 46 years of married life. Maybe this DMT should be a prescription drug for injured minds.
Who injured their minds?   maybe the Devil Himself.

Why did God give more to me?
Don 1933.

The molecule DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a psychoactive chemical that causes intense visions and can induce its users to quickly enter a completely different "environment" that some have likened to an alien or parallel universe.
The transition from our world to theirs occurs with no cessation of consciousness or quality of awareness. In this environment, beings often appear who interact with the person who is using DMT.
The beings appear to inhabit this parallel realm. The DMT experience has the feel of reality in terms of detail and potential for exploration. The creatures encountered are often identified as being alien like or elflike. Some of the creatures appear to be three-dimensional.