Friday, August 30

Two Great Stories about Todays Problems.

I really want to keep you as a good friend. 
I risk asking you;  would you please listen to these two stories, I found.
They seem to interpret todays facts with more reason!

Please tell me how you feel about them.
All the best,

Don Wesley

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The Year 1676
"The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan"

pilgrim - Its basic meaning was "traveler, homeless wanderer," from Latin peregrinum, "foreigner, stranger."

The second story; not old, about how letting small child-like behaviour grow into adult murder.
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The Year 2013
"My Brother The Serial Killer"

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A revised and expanded version of Shoe-it. posted March 7, 2011.

 The revision is seen in Green letters
  Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 5:19 PM  

I am sitting here at my computer wondering what to say to you, that I haven't said before, but you have landed in a pile of Shoe-it.
With tight money, it is hard to make the ball roll. Waiting for the blog to turn things around, could take a long time. I have no answers. I could blow smoke up your butt and say don't worry, you will figure this out and everything will be alright.
But the only hope I see is that your Lodge Brothers may be of help to you. These words are not what you may want to hear, but Don, I can only hope for the best for you.


The Reply from Don
Thanks a million for your reply Vic.
Yes I am in Shoe-it as you so effectively say.
Remember we sholved it as manure on the Farm.

1. Actually I have been in “Shoe-it” since the day Denise carried out her three month old plan; leaving without telling me, our home, on Xmas eve 2008.
2. The court should have recognized the “malice” and stopped?  But they think no fault divorce!
3. Nothing has changed except that the courts put me out of my home on July 28, 2009. In Shoe-it.
4. To put that in other words we can say they changed my personal status from “Home to Homelessness.” In Shoe-it.
5. Denise did not throw me out, the court order did that.  In Shoe-it.
6. The Court violated my Human Rights by throwing me out; ex-partie and ex-court with lies, lies and more lies.

7. The Judges delivered the results that the two lawyers wanted; fast access to the cash value of the home. Leaving  the Shoe-it behind.
7(a) added August 30, 2013. Even more money was transferred, using a corrupted method, Unknown to the Court, but not the lawyers.
 8. Denise gave her lawyer a $100.00 down payment, (several months before) to start legal divorce motions.
9. I on the other hand had to pay $5000.00 up front to get a lawyer, and 12,900.00 to get a car to escape, temporarily  to Ottawa. Escaping one smell of Shoe-it  for another.
10. I live here in a 70 square foot room; the size of a prison cell, on a month to month basis; “Homelessness.” In Shoe-it.
11. My wealth (which I built up (over my life time) was in my  home, offices, studio and tool room and work-in- progress was fraudulently taken from  me. Leaving me in Shoe-it.
12. I was instant talent at researching and solving complex organization problems which earned me a good living,
13. Now I live In Shoe-it
14. Using my intellectual knowledge to earn, was stopped, when Denise started this miserable process. In Shoe-it
15. Also stopped were other projects which would earn me more,
16. So now I am on skid row with thousands of other men, who are seen as losers. In Shoe-it
17. You now see me as a loser; in Shoe-it!
18. Nothing has changed except that I am getting older and I smell like old Shoe-it.


Therefore, “what to do” as they say:

1. Get a noble project going, that addresses the issue of  “Courts ignoring human rights.”
2. That is what I am doing now.
3. A noble project takes you out of Shoe-it!
4. Build a better story that tells the truth. The one and only Truth.
5. Build the better story, essay post by essay post. (Brick by Brick)
6. Reveal that Story in the INN of JUSTICE.
7. Get an audience and build it, modifying it as needs determine it should.
8. Get all your friends to support your efforts, in “every possible way.”
9. Plead for help and support; even money.
10. Don’t accept just hope! It takes money to wash the Shoe-it out.

      Please write to me here