Sunday, January 4

Floors - Space we walk on - Food walks within - See it

It is January 4, 2015
with it's floor.

Hi and welcome into my space
in this my tiny Inn.
It too has a thought floor.

Walk over my words... and see what walks on me.
My name is Don and I will soon be walking on my 82sd  floor.

I was born April 17 1933, on that floor.

At times I pull all the floors I walked on... together, to peek at what walked my on my floors.

It is like putting the pieces of my puzzle together.
Where have I walked and where the borders are.
Why are those borders there?
Where can I walk
...beyond those card-board borders?

The food we eat .....walks within us - but do we talk to it....
 to find out what going on within us.
We can it see if we walk in, and see the stuff that shouldn't be in there.  

We cough some up and sneeze it out
In The Mind we walk about  
We think in the brain
We fly and then walk in the world
We use robots to walk on Mars
We use microscopes to walk with tiny creatures walking where we have never walked, in the gut.
We talk about spiritual life.
Have you ever walked on the floors in there?

I go on vacations, to walk on new floors....
every time I meditate or dream.

Denise and me walked on the floor of our boat.

God gives me the energy to spend time in the dream and walk where "something" takes me.
Sometimes I fly into the sky and look down and see walking and even dead people.

Please, take me onto your space floor so I can walk with you and learn!


McKaiser/Lennox debate - PART1 of (x)

Hi and welcome into my tiny Inn.
My name is Don and I'm 81.

A debate we need now!

Published on Nov 4, 2014
Morality discussion,
 at WITS with Eusebius McKaiser and John Lennox,
Held 18 September 2014.




The Head - Living in it - and The Mind, where is it ?

Hi and welcome to my small Inn.
My Name is Don and I'm 81.
I recently heard someone saying "He uses his body, to hold-up his head, while meditating."  In a sleeping position!

This, I agree is me.
The most beautiful problems I have to solve;  are done in the dark of night when using only my Head, and letting my Mind find!

My friend said get up and out into the daylight, and be real.
He was annoyed with me.

He can't see what I see in the "Moon Light"

Two people looking through a microscope at the very same square millimeter of a sliced object under clear glass will not see the same thing without instructions.
Where in the slice [1 millimeter square] will he find the creature you are referring to.
It is a 3 dimensional creature and is moving up and all over that tiny square and 1 millimeter thick.
 We have several knobs to turn to find the creature.  It is somewhat like a murder mystery.
Even changing the color of the illuminating light and its' position has to be given until other other individual can find; let alone study ,what this creature is up to.

So I say, the Head and its' Mind are even more difficult to research and talk about.

My friend who gets annoyed... doesn't care to talk about these things; who he thinks don't exist.

My work is about the thing called a soul and the food the soul needs.
I also study the Justice we don't get. Where is the Justice?  I know where the Court is; but I can't find Justice.

Part  One (1) is being developed now; come back very soon.
It will include instructions on how to kill un-needed creatures living in us.
using #MMS.