Wednesday, August 24

"What is a Home?"

"What is a Home?"


I hugged him.... and he said "I love you!" ~ Steven John Wesley

This is August 24, 2016
Below is
January 27, 2015.

This morning... at sunrise I went and read the news... at CBC; it was just the news that God wanted me to see today. January 27, 2015.
I think He wanted me to know.

My Family thought they were smart and could profit by evicting me.
Now they have committed Embezzlement; a crime.
The Lawyers charge for their services. “Buy Your way into Canada with a Home included.”

My  lawyer, told me; he needed my Home in November because he needed it as 'one-part of a package of a Home and Citizenship' into Canada.

I didn't ask for a divorce; but I lost my home and my belongings.
This is called Embezzlement.
Me and my Blog will never forget this... even after the courts return my home and belongings to me.
This Home is the Family Farm. All must agree to sell it. This didn’t happen.

So I thought " what more could God reveal to me."
I went back to sleep all day long, with my eyes covered... to see only darkness. I decided to pretend I was God; alone in the very beginning.

I made a robot child using parts and held this child with my right arm at my neck on my right side. I hugged him.... and he said "I love you!"
This happened to me during my dark sleep today.
This is "True."  May God strike me dead if it is a lie.

What comes into my thinking now is "Break your mirror, so you can see your Soul."

The Science of Sleep

60 Minutes - The Science of Sleep - Part 1

Why Did I Experience an Out Of Body Delight or an "Out Body experience"

I didn't look for it: It just gently arrived.

Why Did I Experience an Out Of Body ...... Delight.

I have to put this in writing.
I was 18 on that mild winter night

This experience happened in 1952.
First the January Accident
and Then the Summer Out of Body Flight.
I now call it a Delight Night of Flight.

Today I'm  83 years old and still excited with life, when not Melancholy.

After the January 5, Accident in Massachusetts.

On the Lonely dark Route Seven;where Doug was with me
A drunk driver Hit me face to face.
I was thrown some 20 to 30 feet beyond the front of Doug's Car.
My Head was like a big Pumpkin and i
t left me with a Tattooed wound:On My forehead and nose

My Sister Elly took care of me for a few weeks

In Apartment 14 

‘My Out of Body experience is very different
from those who have described

their Near Death experience’

I was 19 that summer month and
The Out of Body Delight Experience
Happened to me.
I remember that exciting event'
in detail. 

I was it seemed.... to be me flying....swiftly but gently... along Ste Catherine Street in Montreal ~ Face down.
From  Saint Mathew Street, East to about Saint Lawrence Street,
seeing the Bright Neon Lights,
Just above the Electricity poles.
There were Electric Street  Cars and Buses in those Days
And Churches every few blocks.
A few Streets South was the Boat Harbor, where Sailors came ashore for a few Beers and night time girls.

All was Very Inviting and E xciting.
Was I in Control of the flying; I thought?
No was the answer.

Get back Home and in Bed.
1817 Saint Luke Street,
Apartment 14. Montreal, Canada.

I was back in my cot-bed... feeling relaxed in a
heavy pleasant powerful body.
In a Melancholy State.

It was a Moonless night and Mom was in Her Bed when I found my self back Home,

and I told her what happened.
"Thank God you are Back;
Another Soul could have entered your body”

Months Later she told Her friends; I was a different Personality.
This was not a Dream.
It was very real.

When  I turned 21, The Insurance Company paid me Twenty-one Thousand Dollars.
Enough to have Plastic surgery to cover the wound;
And my loss of College time.
In 1954 that was a lot of money for a young military man.
What more did  I want?

I never looked down at my Body
Nor did I see old Friends.
I wanted to meet one Nice French very Intelligent Girl..

and get Married and Have a Christ like Child. The Catholic girls were more pleasant than the protestant ones and didn't accept sexual attempts 

It took me one annulment and 7 years to find  and Marry Denise my Angel.
She delivered me the Christ like child.
He resembled me and His Granpapa.
All became the Miracle I prayed for.

Out Of Body Flying

Now compare my experience with a
Near Death Experience...


Patricia Pearson - Opening Heaven's Door

Patricia Pearson - Opening Heaven's Door

Published on Aug 18, 2014
Author and journalist Patricia Pearson sits down with The Agenda to discuss her new book "Opening Heaven's Door: What the Dying May Be Trying To Tell Us About Where They're Going." Pearson discusses the extraordinary experiences that occurred when her father and sister passed away in the same year, and the mysterious encounters people have met in moments of crisis, from near-death experience, to a sensed presence. What do these encounters reveal about the human condition?

333PP D


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