Wednesday, October 30

Denise, was fascinated by the idea of Accessing the Mystic Mind, several years before me.

Accessing the Mystic - Science and the Sacred - Rupert Sheldrake

Denise, was fascinated by the idea of Accessing the Mystic Mind, several years before me. I was very worried in fact. Her attraction to this idea was too powerful I thought.

The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear


Meet global corruption's hidden players

Meet global corruption's hidden players

The Corrupt Individuals work in courts that lost all my belongings. “The electric heart-beat is Him.”

Afra Raymond: Three myths about corruption

 “The corrupt individuals also worked in courts where they lost all my belongings.
Once they found them, they claimed them as theirs. Then they used a crazy person to provide the lies in affidavits that gave the Judges what they needed to issue un-conscionable judgements. 

My passion is to help the so-called crazy to be well. This will end man-made suffering, made possible by the bullying-power of the Court Processing System.
Grievances in business can heard and settled before getting the Court.

Family misunderstandings take years to flow through the delivery system of the Court Processing system. Don't be fooled by the words they use to explain the lost-in-the-mail confusion and complexity. This is a very serious problem; don't let them fool you by telling you funny stories; to make me look foolish. I'm in for the long fight against the devils in each of us.  Be aware that God is in you too. The electric heart-beat is him.”  
(Don Wesley October 30, 2013.) 

Tuesday, October 29

The smallest unit of social organization is a Family life, guided by the Moral Laws of God.

You, ... need to know more, about being a better man in any organization.
The smallest unit of social organization is a Family life, guided by the Moral Laws of God.

All organizations can fail in finding evil work being done; so learn how to stop it with courage. It starts with small "miss-behaviors" and grows in the minds of people.
We can only see evil, if we know it does exist and where we can find evidence of the corruption growing and underway. It is exciting creative work and can be very dangerous to be discovered as a courageous man or woman, who dares stopping an evil plan. Learn to see it, and talk discretely about it. And listen with open an open mind. You may find it even in your Family Life and even in your own mind. Become better by avoiding sinful behavior and replacing every Vice with and opposing Virtue. Make it a practice of perception [Love] and with compassion heed to the call of men in need of help. It is a duty. 

Listen to God who is within you; widen your scope to see all of him. Pray alone with him and use your own discretion and decide and do what is needed to be done. Get help from other brothers. Don't give in to the laws made in the hands of men.

The True Purpose of Freemasonry;
Brother Don Wesley.


Thursday, October 24

Greetings Old and Adorable Frankenstein's, it is Halloween time.

Lying creates feelings of shame.
The Ted Talk staff, says we have an epidemic  of shame in the U.S.A.
Mystery Novels [Storeys] are designed for people who like to solve problems, like puzzles; they can declare how smart they are.

Stories in General entertain. News Papers reveal part today and more tomorrow and so on. They adore long stories that keep their readers coming back for more.

News Papers cheat a bit. Their stories come out later with more. Night readers and Day readers, and so on.

The parts needed are hidden, in tricky ways.
Only, when all that is hidden is found, can the one-true-story be revealed.

To complicate his novel even more, the writer creates little stories for some of the 'some' of the parts that knows exist and leaves them out to confuse and enlarge the mystery story even more.

For example, his one true-story may be made up from 16 smaller stories. The correct one, is number 17; the sum of the whole.

My son Michael and his mother Denise, often said Dad [Don] makes his answers too complicated. Michael would say his one complete story was the sum of 13; and he would bother the teacher for a better mark. I would tell Michael you said 13 and that is wrong and you failed to tell the whole story.
Denise got annoyed with me. The annoyance added up to anger over time. She would say parts 2 and 3 were enough to get the job done. I knew however

When computers first came out, you needed the knowledge of all the parts.

Today a few non creative craftsman make and sell tiny applications [parts of the whole]. Some just clever enough to get your money out of your credit cards.

I wrote this essay-article for you.
Appreciate it to please me.

My blog has many parts; be aware to get the whole story right. Part only reveals who and how you will behave later in life; it predicts your behavior.
Lying creates feelings of shame.

The Ted Talk, says we have an epidemic  of shame in the U.S.A.

Monday, October 7

Just a few days before the eviction 2009

The Front lawn and shrubs had not yet, been attended to.
I was too busy, before the eviction, day later.
Google has just taken the road side pictures
I just bought the PT Cruiser 2008.

Sunday, October 6

What isn’t different about Canada and Egypt, is that the processes of Corruption are the same. November 6, 2013.

Sunday, October-06-13
To: Victor Roth - California
To: Erhard – Ontario, Canada

Old and wise men, I bring you some relevant news about conversation we have had. The CBC Morning News - November 6, 2013, reported as hearing -

“We deserve due process, not cockroaches on concrete floors.”  The two men were reported as saying this in Egypt a few weeks ago. The two men are Canadians; out of jail, but still in Egypt.

Some facts and comments I feel inclined to share.
I, had a similar complaint in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada, in 2009. I just received a notice, that a Judgement, has been reached. The notice arrived from the Federal Government September 24, 2013. I have yet to be seen, by the Judge who wrote the Judgement.
[On the separate issue] Our two countries; each are different! What isn’t different about Canada and Egypt is that the processes of Corruption are the same.
I have several theory-bins that enable me to explain what has happened. I have been observing, researching and thinking about this corruption problem for years. Without a theory-bin, I don’t expect you rush to explain with ideas that come into your mind in a second. Consider for a few moments then comment if you feel inclined.

I also had a conversation with someone this morning. He said - Be patient Don, and when the time comes I will take you quickly, and have no fear of dying. Ivan, another old-timer, said “Don stay alive and keep the pressure on them who survive by sucking your wealth from you.”
I, living in Canada, a few short-miles from Ottawa, know some anger lingers in me. I was a young military officer at age of nineteen. I felt Canada was an almost perfect country; yes, good, but not yet good enough. Canada, the more Compassionate Country; wonder a moment, what parts are compassionate and where are the other parts heading?
Don Wesley  and Cell Phone: 1-613-898-1756.

Saturday, October 5

The Family Today - Denise, Steven, Michael and Chris missing.

Scots on Mom's Side
Don and Elly - Circa 1944-5

Don and his Dad 1934 Summer.
He was born April 17, 1933
with his right arm paralyzed
Summer 1934 [up]
His Dad felt Don
was touched by the Grace of God
Dad's two Grandchildren,
[Hand touching] Claudia and Peter-Mark
November 2013.
Mom is snapping the picture
Touched by the Grace of God.
[Thoughts held by "Don"  this very Day] 

[Cell 613-898-1756.]

He was the Father I loved

My Brother Vincent told Denise that I loved Her Father.
I reminded her that I loved both her Parents

As I recall, this was the Anniversary
number 35 of Denise and Me

Thursday, October 3

What is the purpose of the Bible? It helps us to ask the right questions!

MY REPLY to my Old Friend a non-believer
The  Bible is where to find Help, when...
1-)   Friends Fail               >>>>>>   Luke 17: 3, 4
2-)   Bereaved;Broken Hearted
27)  Considering Divorce
45)  In Pain
14)  Insulted or Intimidated
19)  Lonely
56)  Unfairly treated
57)  Wrongly accused
7-)   Facing Death

The Bible deals with every experience in the
life of people.
It gives help and instruction and warning...

Wednesday, October 2

A get well card from the Gaspe, to my Sister Eleanor, for her son Peter-Mark

Some take it very seriously; enough to leave each other after 51 years of knowing each other.
Others, smile and say we were a bit slow learning who we really are.
In the end we are still the one; 
who married each other,

To play this like a game is very costly, if you  take it to the court house and be driven crazy. 
This post leads to the fun-side of Borderline Symptoms

It is a set of symptoms and not real; when we learn to understand.
You can't go there; without knowing the language; this wisdom.

____ ____ _

___ ____

Eleanor revealed, the Denise.
That's what my long time friend, Victor Roth, in San Francisco, California, told me over the phone last night. I'm in Ontario, Canada, my sister, Elly in Boston and Denise Wesley,  in the town of Gaspe, in Quebec, not far from the French Island near Canada.
Here, Denise, aka, Viddoui, a Virgo and not the Pisces she is.

Wow, all this news in a few seconds over the wireless electric air waves.
Back in 1943 when I was ten, it would have taken months for this gossip to spread.  

Things are very different now. But a few, like me as a kid, good see ahead and know really it had already arrived and was no big surprise.
The few, like me are now seen to be millions all over the planet,

____ ____ ____ ____