Saturday, May 13

George Carlin

Jammin' In New York Part1

Rich people don't create jobs

Banned TED Talk - Nick Hanauer

What Mormons Believe . . .

What Mormons Believe ~ The Book of Mormon

How Trump Answers A Question

How To Keep Growing Up

Michael and Doctor Steven Wesley

Keep Growing Up

The difference between Wealth  and being Rich

Wealth and being Rich ?

Go into debt to get wealthy

Why saving money doesn't make sense

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich


How to Make a Country Rich

Go into debt to get wealthy

What It Means When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Engine Light

Car Care

The Prayer - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The Prayer

Portrait of Trump facing realities of the White House

Realities of the White House - May 13, 2017


MotoRad Tech Tip - Why Change Your Fuel Cap