Saturday, March 26

People Walk Past Loved Ones Disguised As Homeless

After I was out on the street, I hated them
and  or

I was forced to stay Homeless for years:
The forces used were the Police and the Courts of Family Law, and ~ ......

Denise's Son
Denise's Brother
People Walk Past Loved OnesDisguised As Homeless
On The Street Social Experiment.

What do faces that Hate look like and
What is it we Hate?
They hated,... that
I reminded  them they weren't perfect enough to meets Gods Commands,
to Love and that I had more wealth.. [My very own Home]
To them, I was smarter than they were.  [Envy?]
Their faces have the same emotional stare.
I learned a lot about Hate this week.  Just before Easter!

Uncontrolled Anger is
the Next step Down

The most evil sin is to not to tell the truth about our Past.
Only the whole Truth is the Greatest Virtue