Sunday, February 8

Montreal had a huge Cross on top of Mount Royal - This City was Where to find Comfort sinful or Soulful

The Cross is the sign of Him and those who work for Him. You alone are responsible to Him alone. A church can't do the work He needs done. You have the complete freedom now; don't pretend it is the Church Pastor who takes care of your work. Get to know who you are meant to be and become  it now; a living breathing Holy One. The top of the pyramid is for the Cross which holds the electric Light Bulbs it holds. Wear the Cross on your own Necklace.  This identifies the Culture He designed for Us - An Organic One and not the mechanical One.
Look at How the lowly beautiful Cockroaches live; organically only.
See -

I took this picture of the "Sign of the Cross." All lit-up.
The car lights at the bottom right are those in my Car side Mirror.
It was a very cold winter night with snow making everything white.
I found being in my Car a very Comfortable place to be in.  
I shut my camera and car window and drove to my small room, where I am now.
I lay myself down and thank Him for the comfortable places...
 I have found, since working with Him.
This automatic finding system has been with me since I was Two.
GPS = Gods Positioning System  (1935-6 )
Montreal had a Huge Cross up on Mount Ro

At the young age of 19... I flew over this City at Night.
It was an "Out of body" experience; the only one.
It was about 350 kilometer per mile - speed for about 60 seconds.
I can never ever forget the comfort I felt.
In spring of this year; my head was bashed
when I was projected like hand grenade
and landed on my head.
I had just become an Officer in the  Canadian Military.