Friday, May 29

I was thinking when returning to my Base Camp and looking at the Full Moon.

Full Moons.
How it can be predicted I thought? [What Mathematicians get hooked on.]
It was 5AM and I sat at my computer and opened an email, a close friend had sent me while I was away in Winchester, having my daily meal at Tim Hortons.
His email was about -
"The 2000 Year-Old Computer -
Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism (2012)"

What Mathematicians get hooked on.  


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The Brain controls everything - except the Mind - Is this possible (Part 1 0f 7)

My body, mind, and spirit is 82 years old.
Rust didn't make it old and needing to be replaced by a brand new three-some.

All living Brains control everything - except the human  "two-some"
Perhaps dogs will reveal a "four-some"
Is tall his possible ?  ........ April 17 - 6 BC.

15% of our body-brain belongs to the individual: the I am!
The remaining 85% belongs to God. This 85% receives and broadcasts through magnetic fields, from "cell to cell"  Think.... biological molecular cells, all aligned and tuned like 'FM' o
r AM stations.  following invisible magnetic fields.
We have seen birds fly in this manner.
Have mentioned a bible story: no, we see this today using natural science of observation.
Natural science is available without going to schools.  Imagination and belief in intuition drives me home....  into Paradise. right here on hell.
Not having the ability to make all see.... frustrates me

Think of your new cell phone as connecting to God.
Make God more part of the 15% part of the 15%.
This will allow you to know God.... even more and reason more quickly...  with him.

With Him present we will make fewer mistakes. God wants us to think this way. When we all think this way, we, together will bring Christ off the Cross, to be with us again. Paradise at last!

Don's intuitive mind wrote this. May 27, 2015.
Don Wesley, born, in the year of our Lord,  1933; Easter Monday April 17, the Day Christ was born. April 17 - 6 BC.
When see. even part of God, in someone: you have seen God Himself. This is the evidence many can now
see and believe in.

He is here with us now!

When we cry because truth has arrived.
we have the faces of God.
Every parent can deliver the seeds of nature and grow wonderful people. Think, beyond  the infinite circle.

May Denise Wesley and
Don Wesley be together again.
God said "of course Don: it us happening now"

Their Grand Children are precious souls.

All month long, I have been watching the 'alive top' scientists talk about what the brain does; as seen in their individual labs. In one video there were seven experts allowed to reveal the true brain as their instruments allowed them to see on computer screens. Two made sense the other four politely contradicted  themselves.

"The Brain controls everything:  except the  Mind"
This was from Wilder Penfield, the Neurosurgeon, famous for his work in Montreal, Canada. He wrote several Books,
including, 'The Mystery of the Mind' and also 'No other Gods.
He died in April 1976. He was known around the world for his work: operating on live brains

The seven alive scientists never mentioned the words  'mind or God.'

However, just like the bible writers we could see how they contradicted each other.  These alive scientists didn't work on live brains!

My own interests this winter and spring has been with old live brains.

How much better are old live brains: than live young brains.
I found 'evidence' of the ways all
live brains, get enriched and their minds can speak to God over the spiritual waves: we now call 'cell phones.'

Biological Cells ! 

This is, just a short executive summary for you all.

Get close in and measure brains, day by day and minute by minute to know the life of a brain  and the mind that feeds it.

Then I saw a sleep lab watching live humans, which I chose ignore today and went directly to the following;three-some who deliver a better story.

They are having fun....

"In my Father's house are many mansions"

Jesus said...
"In my Father's house are many mansions" if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."
(John 14:2King James Version (KJV)

My four wheel vehicle carries my body
and my two legs carry my brain; every where I go.

Everything we see is from within the brain.
The brain controls everything;
one could say we live in our heads; night and day.

Why do so many fail to understand.....
 the Kingdom we live in ? God and the Devil.

Well, it is said by the wise, that one can't see what they have not heard exists. ......

One of his mansions is our Brain.
This week I found some things we didn't know existed in our brain: 15% is known and 85% was unknown until a few months ago.
This post news is everlasting news

I added this story about it....   this week .... go here now

Heads are where we live. - Many Mansions exist and Master Keys to open

My 4 wheel vehicle carries my body and
My 2 legs carry my Head.
Everything we see is from the Head.
One could say we live in our Heads; Night and Day.
Why do so many not see the many worlds you and I have visited?

Well....  it is said by the wise, that one can't see what they have not learned exists. It takes tools to see and Learn.

Ask everyone in the world... one by one.... without a court system
And they will tell you that many mansions do exist.
There are Master Keys and Master Solutions for us all.
When a sufficient number of us are counted; they the only Jury that matters
Will clear away the pathogens and we will see, that heavens do exist for those not in power.
We are not going win this battle with Court Made Rules.
It will be won by making Love....  with words, music and the song we sing.
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God has just sent me this Picture 8:03 PM


What is Calculus Used For ?

What is Calculus Used For ? 


Reid Technique used by Police 'on' Me - February 16, 2015

Why ?


The Biggest Disease Known

Where should we go ?

Our planet is lonely also ?
This is being worked on......



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