Monday, November 14

I hope this conversation will help humanity to come to the aid of victims of “man-made disasters.”

2 hours ago: Thank you Debra for your precious thoughts.

I have had enormous unstopped growth over the years and have used my empathy and energy to help others. My separation however was not a positive factor for my comfort level. I slept in my car in freezing weather for several months.

My financial plan and wealth was more than adequate to live out a very good life in my home together with my wife. Now my comfort level is really restrained and filled with continuing uncertainties in dealing with new flows of people around me.

However, the deceptions of my soul-mate was not something I had expected, but it was contemplated in our marriage contract. The Court System took me by surprise! This system allows and overlooks the unconscionable tactics of lawyers who succeeded in separating me from my source of wealth. A story comparable to the Book of Job!

Without wealth and cash for another lawyer, I was abused by the power of the Court Orders, not withstanding a Court Judgement which was issued to keep me in my home. I escaped the horror of Quebec and came to Ontario. One of my sons is a psychiatrist and I am well educated in matters of personal psychology; I feel no need for a counsellor.

We are forced by situations to live through them; alternatives are limited. Who knows what tomorrow will reveal; a mystery. I miss the comfort of a my soul-mate; the touch and empathy of closeness. I dread the loneliness of day and night and find myself withdrawing from the noise of people around me, “who don’t understand victims.”

I was drawn into this conversation by the vivid words of Cliff. I hope this conversation will help humanity to come to the aid of victims of “man-made disasters.” People think you get the justice you deserve in courts; not true. You get injustice and the price they charge is equal to your wealth.

Debra, I sense your hug and hope for the victims like me.