Friday, October 31

STOP EVIL from beginning. Get busy and get your Nose Dirty.

Hi and welcome into my notes for my diary[my blog]. My name is Don, and many have said I am very kind and very good to know.  Get to know me, I ask you, I'm rather lonely at times. My goal is to have more people bring their lonely-island together with me and millions of others; we can meet together and chat and have fun; and grow one big Island of Love light. Love-light...  the one big Source our creator uses to keep our loving hearts alive and happy.
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Copyright 2014 by Don Wesley, former Manufacturer of Lighting Products. A member of the Society of Illuminating Engineers.
Easter Monday, April 17, 1933. A very special date to remember - See Time Magazine.

Knowing and Caring about someone....  is called a state of being which is Loving.
It requires a tremendous amount of energy.

Energy which we receive from God above; the source he uses, is electrical and the electron voltage is enormous and more than simple lightning; millions of electron volts.
It is the only energy we need to survive and it is free for all to use. Just love!

We need to think like physicists to know and see this light. But Knowing and Caring about Everyone is our Business. Make a  Promise to Love; it is  not an Emotion to feel. It is His Commandment to us.
Get busy and get your Nose Dirty.
And keep yourself Clean.
See, Hear and Talk about Evil...
is a Character Disorder.
We can measure it on a Scale of 1 to 100.
Before a foundation is created to build Evil upon, we find new born children.
They get their own unique DNA from God, sent over the waves of Light.
Children have no such foundation at birth!
Keep the “Cuteness around for ever”

Keep the children-like-foundation, pure and there is no need to graduate to higher levels of living,

Stop  evil from beginning. Get busy and get your Nose Dirty.
Do Investigate your family secrets and those secrets yet to be Born. Reveal them and avoid the injuries of shame.
Know your neighbors in the village you live in.
This a way, to Prevent Wickedness from occurring.
If you find an Evil person or organization, un-build it quickly and recycle its parts into pure cuteness again; this is where we can use the latest technology.
Remember that "cuteness" is what the Devil loves to play in; it sell things.

Finally.... remember we ourselves build islands of Heaven and Hell, here on earth.
I'm a one person island of Heaven....  most of the time, until I find other kind people with genuine smiles on their faces.

Remember that we have Evolved over the past two thousand years. We can become one big family using the comfort of simple texting over waves of energy.
God has been with us since the beginning - with self talk - then a few advanced souls among us told how to recognize the real one who was guiding us.

See the evil, hear it and talk about it...
Your neighbors thoughts and doings, are your business. today.
This is me in 1957, teaching my child Christopher John Wesley.
I adopted him, because I felt the need....

 to protect Children and their Fathers.
I had two more boys with my Sweetheart Denise Wesley,

when I met and married in April 11, 1964.
I was born on the 17th day of April, in 1933. Easter Monday.

Read the words above, before reading below.

We will reduce the cost of Criminal Constable Detectives, by being vigilante by ourselves. And we must watch those in our family very closely and keep them at home while at home for schooling. Don't let the Government take over and replace what God would have you teach. Be extra careful when your Government, pays them to leave and live on their own!

We have a great reason to live a Heavenly life now and not a
Thousand years... far out of the Universe in time.
Give ourselves an earlier Break and come Alive now.
All we need to do is change the path we are on.
Give a little of your time to investigating Criminal Intentions.
Psychology and Religion will become One.
Just Out of The Twi-light Zone of Meditation.

Don Wesley 1933,

Copyright 2014 by Don Wesley, former Manufacturer of Lighting Products.