Saturday, September 7

I have lost Denise, my wife. Mother of two children. By an act of the Court of Law. Divorce

Today, is September 07, 2013.

I am a homeless Christian, on a Journey to find Heaven. A Pilgrim, one might say; 

I told the Court, in my Defense documents, that there was no reason for a Divorce, made under the Laws  of Heaven.

I was short of pocket-money, when Denise surprised me, by leaving, the Family Home and advising me [by email 2:30am] on the Eve of Christmas of 2008.
All my accessible Cash was with Denise, because I believed in her honesty and trustworthiness.

My wealth was secure, I thought; protected by the Marriage Contract and the connected Deed of Sale for our home.
I know Denise, almost completely, but not good enough to know that she had been abused as a child, I wasn't there to watch over those years.

The injury she was subjected to, was done by her Parents somehow.
It is called an Attachment disorder, which gives birth to a Mental Disorder, so I have learned. The injury is recognized [today] by Medicine, as D.I.D.

It manifests it's patterns, in the living person as different identities. Each identity somewhat unknown to the other, with amnesia in between.

When the most stable personality is in charge, as it was when I met [1962] and fell in Love with her, I realized that she was an Angel sent from Heaven, and when married we would be of one-heart, ready to have and raise children.  This personality had Integrity. A Christian Marriage in a Catholic Church. 

That early personality was honest and faithful. The other personalities I don't know, except for the one known as "Dangerous Women." 

Today, now divorced from me [In Court of Quebec] she is calling herself, Viddoui; another personality; one speaks English, the other French it seems. 

She lied and committed Perjury, in most of the documents in Court to approve the Divorce.
I lost all my "wealth and the home" that was mine before we married. I have one Son from one, previous relationship, which was annulled by Quebec Court in a few days, back in 1962. I was given the work of raising him myself.

To find out more about the question "How could this happen," think about the notion of Corruption.

All good couples, thinking of marriage, please know all about each other, before raising Children.

Don't listen to conversations on TED.

More of this story with powerful words of Truth are being considered