Tuesday, February 9

Don and Denise Wesley - Solemn Contract


To My Children and grandchildren - February 9, 2016  
We, Denise and I, were deeply in love with each other and in a marriage made in heaven.

This Marriage Contract, several pages long, was signed by Denise and me just before our marriage. We were both very serious Christians and were married in the Catholic Church
April 11, 1964. We took lessons, for weeks, in the Catholic Church to "understand what love means."  

"Her lawyer said "it wasn't important."
"Without it; it wasn't the Lawyers case.  to go forward with!"

 What the full contract says, is that the house belongs to Don.
Denise Prevost is a number or Pret-Non.
Prevost, does not exist. Denise Wesley has a social security number.

One must read the Whole document.
To my knowledge, no Judge has read the full document.

Don 'manages his property, via this document called a Marriage Contract..
Denise knows this very well. To tell someone the house is hers, is a lie.
Fraud, and Embezzlement has occurred.

(Singed by Don Wesley - December 14,  2014)

Psychiatrists and the pharma industry are to blame for the current ‘epidemic’ of mental