Wednesday, June 20

Understanding the roots of Injustice

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I am pleased to contribute this story, for the betterment of our society. My wife's parents, raised a large family. Their family as a whole is very happy and successful. All are well educated and contributed to their community beautifully. My wife's rage, was deeply repressed for many years. She was very popular and active in our local Christian Church, as a Eucharistic Minister.
Some other causal factors, in addition to her father’s anger in those early years, maybe involved. The community culture and history, reveals that Mothers were in charge with Fathers subordinate, as servers and protectors. My wife told me that her Grandmother was a huge woman who frightened her. The area was north of Montreal [Canada] French speaking and Catholic. Her mother was also clearly the dominant parent, but also very kind, and very quick to take charge. Many families also had Native Indian blood lines.

In my culture, English and Protestant, the Father was the server/protector and head of the family and the Mothers managed the home. The Marriage Contract made the choice, one or the other.

The choice was the "English - Protestant - Culture."

Monday, June 18

I trusted my wife and she betrayed me. I saw in her the Devil and withdrew with crossed arms.

To you Mitch, in Australia.
One mistake led me from home to homelessness. From contentment to ‘death by a thousand cuts.’
I trusted my wife and she betrayed me. I saw in her the Devil and withdrew with crossed arms.

I have read your poignant words, several times, and I feel unrelenting pain. I feel the need to be kind and find myself wondering, how can I empower this ignorant person within me to respond.
As a child of seven, I remember caring for an abandoned child of four. We were very poor (1936-penniless). To this very day I remember little Roger Darbison; [his father was put in prison.] And when he was taken away from my loving care; my ‘vase of sorrow’ dripped into my veins and has yet to be emptied. “Who are you,” I cried, “who are you who has taken little Roger away.” I knew it was the devil himself! I became a child who saw evil very clearly. Throughout my entire life I used my wealth to be kind; but I also carry a sword. I see in you Mitch, a soul-mate.

This is my story Mitch, my world view. You Mitch, on the other side of the world, have awakened in me the angel of God.