Wednesday, May 31

A Young Shy Girl Walks On Stage, but within Seconds Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor


Sleep-loss looks like Dementia - However it is not Dementia

To -   Dr. Vikas Bhagirath
From - Don Wesley
Wednesday, ‎May ‎31, ‎2017  ~  12:18:10 PM
Subject  -  Dementia  and Drivers Licence

Dear Dr. Vikas Bhagirath
When I left your office on Monday afternoon, I went to Service-Ontario in Winchester to get the forms you told me get.
They had no such Forms.
I told them; my  right to drive was removed by my Doctor.
I gave them my license which they immediately verified: I still had my right to drive.
She said "What you  heard is only gossip"
My volunteer driver drove me home.
I opened my mailbox and opened a letter from Service Canada:  A copy is attached.
This morning I had a call from your Secretary saying I must attend a memory clinic.
I began to wonder what symptoms you saw in my behaviour.
Then I recalled the OPP Officer who needed your help to prove that I had Dementia.
That Officer lost his case in the Williamsburg Courthouse: I recall telling you this.
The last heard about him, was that he has PTSD and needed time off.
He assumed I had Dementia.
When he had me interviewed, I hadn't slept for over 24 hours.
Sleep-loss looks like Dementia - However it is not Dementia
Copies attached
A) Letter from Service Ontario
B) Pages from my Blog about the accident
C) One page from my blog about Sleep deprivation

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