Wednesday, November 9

The Commonwealth comprises 52 countries, across all continents

Should each State in America try to be part of he Commonwealth?

The members have a combined population of 2.3 billion people, almost a third of the world population, of which 1.26 billion live in India and 94% live in Asia and Africa combined.

Their Leader is the Queen.

Americans take to streets to protest against Donald Trump

College Students Protest!

"Fuck Donald Trump"

Students Protest Against Donald Trump President Election 2016 

Dangerously Sick

He is Not My President

The Story of Humpty Dumpty ~ Donald Trump

Humpty Dumpty

BIAS BLIND SPOT meaning & explanation

Those who are Bias Blind Spoted
 should  not be allowed to Vote


Hillary Clinton FULL Concession Speech | Election 2016

November 9, morning, 2016

A Canadian  

Proud of Hillary

November 9, 2016 a Morning the world will Remember

November 9, 2016 a Morning the world will Remember

A Canadian -

President Obama Full Speech on Donald Trump Win

A day the world will remember - NOVEMBER 9, 2016

Trumps now visible symptoms, clearly reveal, he has Borderline Mental Disorder

This is,,,, much too Dangerous for our Planet

A Nation with all the Personalities,  in one person described in the 'DSM'

NOVEMBER 9, 2016
A day the world will remember

Borderline Disorder is "Metal Hell": for everyone

I have lived with such person; for 47 years: She, is still free.

We were Married on April 11, 1964.
Another who almost lived with me, is now in a Mental Prison.
A Court Order put him there, and only another Order can let Him be released.

I'm an 83 year old Guy, filled with enough life time Mind images, to make an old paper viewing movie.

One of my sons' was an unknown bully to me; until he confessed he was to me when he was 35 years old.
I married his wonderful mother before he was born.
His mother is the one I lived with for 47 years, and only then, came to learn that she was abused as child: That abuse she hid from me.

My first child, with my wife Denise is now a Psychiatrist: Why, because he lived in our dyslexic family.

Both my boys had childhood conduct disorders: They lied, stole, and thought they were the best: They were, as far as could see: Both were fearless.

A) On Christmas Eve of 2008, Denise left my Family Home, and never saw me again.
B) In July, day 31 of 2009 she had me evicted from Castle Home.

C) That Castle, is where I created "Know How" which I would sell for my only Income.
D) She sold my Castle Home without my permission.
E) My son the Bully helped my wife to rob me.

****) In 2014, April 14, while was eating my midnight meal, an ex-RCMP Officer, without my permission, sat beside me and told, why is went out at midnight for a comforting drive.
He explained that he had fallen of a 12 foot ladder and injured his shoulder. I asked what he did for his income. He knew all about my losing My Castle Home, and my case was before the Crown Attorney: A Case of  Embezzlement.

Summary: My wife lived in that Mental Hell Disorder, named Borderline Disorder;

This Borderline disorder, eventually causes other innocent people, to live through the Hell Borderline people create.

How can we [the innocents)] avoid the Mental Hell, and avoid a Moral Trauma Disorder?

Know your "I" and not your Ego.
Get far way from a Borderline Bully.
You can't fight them.
You can navigate around them.

Telling others will not work, because the Borderline person seems so wonderfully powerful.

Borderline, its name, is from fence or wall walking. One can fall off the fence or like.....

Humpty Dumpty who fell of the wall.

Toilet Paper Movie

More explanation Lessons will follow.