Friday, April 3

Logic without morality in legal decision making, leads to injustice.

Re-visited April 3, 2017

Logic without morality, in legal decision making, leads to injustice. We must return to questions of right and reason for what courts can do.

Divorce isn't illegal - it's scarcely regarded as immoral any more. But it may as well be, given the emotional and financial punishment it exacts. The toll is particularly heavy for children, innocent parties whose futures - their human rights, if you will - are robbed by a legal system that's still run for profit.

If empathy is missing in the hearts of the court officers then process will be given priority over people.

“But one thing I know – the place to correct the causes of evil is in the home, not in the courts of law, not in the prisons.”

Wilder Penfield, President of the Vanier Institute of the Family.