Saturday, April 18

God loans you One of His many Bodies to live in - A beautiful mystery

He is very willing to let you do.... what you want to do, while living in His body. Only pay Him a reasonable rent using a  normal month by month calendar. Or pay no rent if you are ill, unhappy or un-employed. He makes things out of something; he seems to use both sound movements and photons of light. When we dance under the starlight something very special happens to us: it is a mystery we must solve? A beautiful mystery! 

Damage His living vehicle and you must pay for repairs, before you returning  His living vehicle. These are simple rules to understand and follow.

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Get to know God; while you live in Him. He gives us the freedom to choose; but don't ask him to show you where He lives. He lives in all of us on many islands of small heavens here on Mother Earth. Don't try to kill all of us: because the promised Heaven will be erased and written on stones hidden in big mountains, shaped to look like pyramids, built by men: the stone masons of old.