Wednesday, October 1

Love and Light ?

Love and Light ?  - Do we need to examine this question ?
October 1, 2014

Hello, my name is Don and 81 years old.
I do have some luggage to carry, and do need a little help at some times. While living in this life, I do spend most of the energy given to me, to bring light to those needing more help than me.
We, who are free to give time, money and light will likely choose not to miss-use any of these heart felt resources. I'm older now and still out looking for souls to help; and I do help when I have the light to see them. Light it seems is like Love: without it we can’t see to help. If you need light and love; just turn your light on and I’ll come to help you. Shine the light you are given, to light-up what do see, while searching in the other world.
If I can do it, you can do better. Meet together and we can really get good things done.
I do have a friend, Dennis Mallet, age 51, who is my mentor.