Friday, December 13

How Denise Wesley and Don both learned to survive, as children.

"How Denise Wesley and Don both learned to survive, as children. "

This page will help me explain, why I'm alive, at 80.
I learned as a child to be fearless.
We need powerful very short stories that teach;
if we are to survive the Intellect
that is used to destroy, steal
and Kill.
If this story doesn't fly, I'll write another one.

 Deadly Women- Intellect Used For Evil. Kim Snibson, used her intellect in order to brutally murder her neighbours.
This is about how we, as a children, adapt to avoid being hurt at 3,4,5 ... years of age and even more,
A)  Loosing parents and being adopted is one example of feeling abandoned. (Don)
B)  Another example is sexual abuse - violent.
C)  Some other  abuse is so violent, we imagine it never happened. (Denise)
This causes serious mental disorders in adulthood
D)  In a good family environment the child grows up and fits into the village-society more normally.
Every hurt-child grows up with a 'shield' to protect them. The shield makes the child very different in the village-society and they fit-in very abnormally.  

My wife Denise and I, were both hurt as children.

We first met as adults and were attracted to each other.
We are both more sensitive than normal people. You could say were abnormal children and even more abnormal adults.
Were a married couple known to get almost anything done.
Just ask and Denise ran to help you.

I will even go further and say we were a precious, loving, caring and giving couple, and seen as standing at a higher spiritual level.
Denise was framed as a Eucharist minister in the catholic church.

However, Denise left our marriage after 45 years together, as if, it never existed.
This is also known an Identity disorder with other disorders mixed in.

For Don her soul-mate, what was left over is torture, and no castle to live.

Denise is very intelligent and was quick to learn, from her Mother; that to live and survive in a farming-region, with cold winter months, one needed to collect money in the summer.
There many ways of doing this, we all know.

I Don, had to learn quickly to survive by the hour, without his loving parents, sometimes alone for hours and sometimes left on someone's doorsteps for a meal.
For a child, this is a very frightening situation.
His parents God Bless them, had to work every day.   The depression years in a big City.They taught Don to pray to God, and to ask God to protect him.
So Don, at the very end of each prayer would say ..

"God, now I going to sleep, please protect my soul, and if I should die before I'm awake, please take my soul to heaven."

My parents had nothing more they could give me.
They were not intending to be cruel nor did they abuse me; they did love me.
The situation abused me; especially while still in a crib.
This explains why my head is flat at the back. It also explains why the English were called square heads. I remember falling and hitting my head and Denise laughing, because she felt my head was rather flat at the back
Then while awake, I often was afraid of the dark and strange noises. While asleep I was in the hand's of God.
As I got older and out of the crib, I learned to become fearless all the time. I had pictures of me with my fist-up and threatening someone.
My Mother also learned as young girl to raise her fist-up to any man who got sexy.

Denise on the other hand, learned that collecting pennies in the summer was needed by the family to survive thru the winter.
In summer they moved out of the farm house to rent it for summer vacationers, for a few dollars. This was the rule of Mother.

Boys and their father worked in the farm fields.
Sometimes girls too.

So Don grew up and built a castle as his village home. He needed this structure for his family to stay in and survive winters etc., and keep his library, studio and sample storage.
He used his knowledge to sell Intellectual property, to make a living and support the castle.

He is also very loving and fearless, and gave his time to help the community. He was elected a Commissioner for the local school Council
And Denise saved pennies using her intellect and was like her mother, a fighter and fearless.

I believe Denise and Don, will soon be seen together again before their precious lives are taken from us. It wiser to Believe in wisdom, rather than nothing. Anything, it seems... works in a relationship, which easily dissolves.
This is not a fairy tale Story.
And even more true, if believing works compared to nothing else then,
not believing is abusive.
This mathematical logical thinking.
People do learn to fit-in normally, or adapt abnormally, with a shield or an act of some kind.
The indigenous Indian tribes it seems, had more need to kill to survive. And they needed their men more. So they used their women to fight.