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SIGN - There was no consent to sell = Fraud

Today is November 4, 2014.
Welcome to my personal blog.
My name is Don Wesley.
I can tell you what the facts are.
This Home was the one I bought and paid for.
It is mine alone.
Denise my wife inherited her Mothers estate.
We have a marriage contract which is very clear.
If she left the marriage she was to receive nothing.
We would be equal and balanced in wealth.
We planned this before we married.

If she had stayed with me she would inherit all.
She left in 2008. This year 2014 would be our 50 year anniversary.
Why she left is a problem for a psychologist, and not a court Judge who has been a victim of lies/
Curious legal corruption occurred and I was evicted from own home and studio,

in 2009 [July] and made Homeless.
The last investigator [ex-RCMP] told me it is a case of embezzlement and before the Crown attorney.

The Divorce Judgment says "that Dense Wesley lived with me until June 9, 2013"
This not a fact.  Curious is a fact.
Another fact. Like death, divorce is a traumatic injury [PTSD] and heals and leaves a scar.
Being deprived of a home and complete wealth over 5 years is torture.

I'm told that theft is involved with several assistants.


My own Home

This is a fraudulent Sign !

Time sits still when when a family soul departs and 'Peter Mark' is arriving in Heaven

Hello, and welcome to when time sits still.
My name is Don and this a sacred place where we can seriously think.

Eleanor my sister - Peter Mark's Mother

Death brings in the Stillness.
Moms Family is departing.

"All aboard he yelled" and the Train was gone.
And it is the Bee sting
that we are left with.
My Mother, Helen Wesley, helped anyone who needed a job, a meal and a place to sleep, even if we had to share our 2 beds to make room for 8.
The floor, was also used to sleep when the couches were full.
Getting a Job took weeks during those "depression years."
God gave her his Power-energy which comes to us as light. [photons]

Lucifer, had no chance to supply his energy which is delivered when a price is paid.
Mom made the idea very clear.

God's Energy is Free. It can be measured as potential energy available to use. And when used; we love the results we see.

We see her here, wearing the dark grey dress. She wore the pants where-ever she worked. In the picture, the Castle belonged to the Bronfman's who owned the Seagram's Plants. She was trained in Scotland as a Nanny. [The best education]
I was born on Easter Monday April 17, 1933 at 2:30am in Montreal.
I weighed in at 12 pounds 13 ounces.
A few hours later she was back at work. Dad drove her when he was free from the other Castle owner. Sir Henry Holt

Whenever Mom sensed we needed her, she was there, even if the train ride was 12 hours long. She intervened in our problems at times without telling us. She knew the best doctors and nurses and Lawyers who got the results we needed.
Later she was involved in managing fine Bone China...  where rich clients and stores buy. So if we needed a little with money, it was a problem that could solved.
In Short she used Love to protect us. And Love energy is.... free and she knew the spiritual technology to use it.


Mom in the dark grey uniform of a
person who is charge but very kind.

Claudia with God's power-touch and the smile that comes with it
Peter Mark is in the other Heaven now
with his Dad Peter Canepari and
we .... are stilled and silent for a bit.
Thinking and sometime fearful.
It is time to use our 1 eye to see God's power which is light.
The 1 eye doesn't see the dark negative light which carries a price to pay.
And there is an injury to heal.
So use 1 eye only. 
I'm going to do some spiritual communication now
with those are moving around in Heaven.
I'll be back soon.
So Follow me for more news

Don and Denise Wesley - Solemn Contract (Part af)

Hi and welcome.
My name is Donald John Wesley.
Please, just call me Don.
It is November 3, 2000 + 14.
My magic number is 17. April 17, 1933..... Easter Monday.... My Birthday
The day were married was April 4, 1964.
This is just part of the "Sacred -Contract."
The said sum was $25,000.00 and not the value of the Family Home.
Denise was to inherit her Parents Estate and was potentially more wealthy than me.
"The Family Secret is now in the open."
The Family Home is mine; I bought and paid for it
To keep and use for Eternity.
For all my Grand Children, Denise and me.

3+14 = 17 = 3 NOV 2000 and 14. + I now see how the Pyramids were built.


I now see how the Pyramids were built.

In the beginning it was an empty show-room house.
I kept building by myself,
Using His Power. And a beautiful Family Home grew.

Dear Dennis,
See what happen this morning!
New thoughts arrived, using the holy spirit wireless connection; and the number 17.
I was born April 17, 1933 at 2:30 am.

God is an intelligent man, who is a mechanic, who uses concurrent-engineering to design. He uses leverage to multiply his power of one; using as many men/women to leverage a 600 Ton vessel into place. See our canal systems using free levels of water to raise even bigger ocean going boats all over the world.  God is powerful and is thinking is power himself, and it is free from him; if only we would see him.
Just imagine what could be done.
He uses only hydraulic systems using water and even oil!
3 November 2000 and 14. 3+14 = 17



Love and its many meanings... and the one that adds, is great.

Love and its many meanings...  and the one that adds, is great.

He was pointing to Heavenly good works

Temperature is a different kind of word. It is has less meanings than Love.
For example it is very dangerously cold or dangerous hot or just comfy.
Or we can use numerical scales; 0 degrees or 100 centigrade; freezing or boiling.
It is a Noun.

Love has far more meanings.
It can be a Verb or a Noun.
And has many types of scales to describe a condition of things or people.
One meaning is not often used; "it is good-work that is using free energy."

Even more can said about good-works by someone.
Whose energy do we use when doing bad-work? 

Some ideas about good-work, include the thought that...
if you are not doing good-work... it must the opposite... bad work.
This meaning may be, too white or black for some people who question, “what about no work at all?”

The source of energy I’m talking about is from God, Ra etc.,  who only does good for us, because he/they love us.
I do the work I must, to get the gates of heaven to open for me.
I can’t take any chance that I’ll forget the “words” that open the gates.

“GOOD LOVE I promise to supply you!”


February 25-6, 2014 - For the moment - a Life Event.


What I can tell you about the meaning of
The Holy Spirit.


February 26, 2014.    (by Don Wesley1933)
Hi fellow passengers...
I just awakened from a very pleasant, and
comfortable meditation and sleep.
I now understand the full meaning of the Holy Trinity.
I always understood who Christ and God are, on the manifest document..

The Holy Spirit has been a puzzle to understand.
For the past year I learned more about,
Mr. Tesla and electricity and waves and so on;
you can see this by looking at my blog and see what I discovered every few days, pieces of a new puzzle: now I see the whole picture and realize what I missed.
Our heads are like radio receivers [crystal sets] that receive the holy-spirit frequency. It manifests itself in our minds. It sends messages also; faster than the speed of light.

You and I have been living and hearing this frequency all our life. Sometimes we change the frequency to Demonic, and feel uncomfortable. It is up to us to keep on the same good frequency.

All that Christ has been saying to us, is stay tuned to the right radio station and see you are living in Heaven, right now.

Change the station and your behaviour will subtract from what is good.
It will show itself on your face!

When everyone in the world is on that frequency, we will all follow the rules of our creator, and have Enough for everyone.
We never evolved as one-creation....
we regressed.

We evolved as individuals, that is obvious.
See what we have done to the original creation and to each other.

I made saw this discovery with my eyes shut; going in and out of sleep. February 25-26, 2014. This manifested itself before my third eye.
I’m telling you what I learned.
Love for you,
Don  [Love, meaning a delivery of a comforting message, just for you.]
-----Original Message-----
From: Don Wesley
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 12:04 AM
To: Victor Roth
Subject: Re: The Responsibilities Of A Good Shepherd - The Holy Spirit.
Thank you, old wise one.
I'm just back from Tim's and was thinking while there and while driving.  [-13 degrees Celsius.]

I was thinking about the cold nights when I slept with "comforters" piled over me.
Up to the age of ten, the fire would go out [in the middle of the night] and the water on the kitchen table would freeze, sometime.
[Quotes in the following paragraphs, are from Jack D. Kendall (Iowa) The Upper Room.]

“My mom was there... I felt safe, loved, and comforted. When I think of my childhood, those comforters remind me how much I was loved and cared for. The Greek word translated comforter is parakletos, which also means intercessor, counsellor, and advocate."
"The Comforter, Jesus was speaking about, is the Holy Spirit that God sends to dwell with us forever so that we need never feel alone or afraid or insecure or unloved.

Once we become adults, we may leave behind childish fears; but when world caves in...
and the future appears threatening, we all still need to feel the reassurances that comes when someone comforts us."
Read  John 14:13-18(KJV)
Love for you

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Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:22 PM
To: Don Wesley
Subject: Re: The Responsibilities Of A Good Shepherd.
     .... I had you in mind.
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On Feb 25, 2014, at 5:37 PM, Don Wesley> wrote:

The Sheppard I had in mind was David, who became King. He killed Goliath

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To: Don Wesley
Subject: The Responsibilities Of a Good Shepherd
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To the dance of love clip Denise Wesley

To my friend Vic,
December 13, 2012

I met Denise on the Dance Floor, in Ste. Agathe; her boyfriend was there.
I confess a personal truth; the moment I turn this clip on, I cry unstoppably; because it reminds me of her, my sweetheart.
 describes, how Denise revealed herself to me. I am using metaphors from this movie clip. "She responded wisely, with care, yet willing to learn; she accepted what I offered free of charge! I chose to remain blind to her little flaws. We became soul-mates; giving each other room to grow. I had my little flaws as well.
In a marriage put together in Heaven, we created two wonderful sons. 45 years together; then one night she left without a word.

My dreams were damaged but not broken."
I love her more today that ever before. This Christmas will be the fifth without her and my family.

To the dance of love clip.

I have not given my consent to this sale = A fraudulent conveyance

November 5, 2014
Unveiled and made available for the world to see and understand what corruption is.

Sent: Sunday, January 10, 2010 4:21 PM
From: Allan Bassenden RE/MAX Royal (Jordan) Inc.
Subject: Re: 6 Hazel Drive H9B1C5 Co-Owner Consent Don Wesley
We are looking in this matter and I will let you know soon.

Thanks, On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 12:02 AM, Don Wesley wrote:
Thank you Allan,
I left copies with the secretary, at 315 and at Beaconsfield offices. (Deed and Marriage Contract which must be read as one document.)
I have not given my consent to this sale.
Also 6 Hazel is my home.

                     I look forward to hearing from you.
                     Respectfully yours, Don Wesley.

RE/MAX Royal (Jordan) Allan Bassenden Affiliated Real Estate Agent 514-688-6709 Oh, by the way...if you know of someone who would be interested in buying or selling their property, please contact me with their name and number, I will be happy to follow up and take good care of them.

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