Saturday, October 5

The Family Today - Denise, Steven, Michael and Chris missing.

Scots on Mom's Side
Don and Elly - Circa 1944-5

Don and his Dad 1934 Summer.
He was born April 17, 1933
with his right arm paralyzed
Summer 1934 [up]
His Dad felt Don
was touched by the Grace of God
Dad's two Grandchildren,
[Hand touching] Claudia and Peter-Mark
November 2013.
Mom is snapping the picture
Touched by the Grace of God.
[Thoughts held by "Don"  this very Day] 

[Cell 613-898-1756.]

He was the Father I loved

My Brother Vincent told Denise that I loved Her Father.
I reminded her that I loved both her Parents

As I recall, this was the Anniversary
number 35 of Denise and Me