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God and Dreams - How He gets your attention - To command You.... to do something Good.

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When I was born....
to two lovers who weren't married....  God was angry.

I love you all. Don 

 My Dad was 50 and she was 40 and they didn't need me.
I weighed 12 pounds and 13 ounces and nearly died coming out of Mothers'  tummy. The year was 1933

World War 1 was over and number 2 was starting and God was angry that we were ruining his Beautiful Ship and the people on it. Even though they were miss behaving He loved them all. What is missing is discipline.

So, I Don Wesley, now 81, believe God sent me to tell you, how angry he was: He is even more angry today; but still loves us. He keeps us alive by sending his free electric energy.
He is the Captain of our ship and we must obey Him; violent Storms will sink our Ship if we don't obey Him.

When I was 6 my Brother Douglas went off to War II.

When I was 9, the War was over. I was thinking what my role would be when I was grown up.

When I reached 17, I found myself in basic military training

Camp Borden   

At the age of 18,  I was promoted to the rank of Officer, in the
Royal Canadian Signal Corps.

The Signal Corps was located on the shore of the St Lawrence river.
The city of Kingston

By time I reached 18, I knew I was here to get good things [working] and
Commanding my subordinates to obey me. I had good plans and the technical know-how to improve the way we use what he has given us.

I married and raised 3 boys with great love. But they had to obey my Commands. Discipline is needed in society also.

I also love animations to tell stories that God is Angry; but He loves us.



My Dad loved me only and never needed to scold me.

Situations at different times,,, require different roles and ways of commanding.  

Today I love, but hate the  way we live:
As if life for all was great,,, all the time

We have the technical know-how and we use it, to play; too much.

God is the Choice we have, ... that is reliable now.
Until a more reliable creative intelligence is found, we must work with the machines He built us with.


Don, I'm signing off...

I love you all.

P.S. In my dreams last night, I was very angry, and I was very surprised.
I had been very happy all week and feeling content.

My Lodge 439 is broken and needs repairing and no one has
the passion to care and repair.

I realize... God wants me to reveal to us... both His anger and His Love for us. I was beginning to think... my life story was complete. Every Father wants his story to be known.  I still have work that God wants me to do.
I'll be seeing you soon. But I'm old and often need the help of younger men who can understand the wisdom.... God alone, sends to His older men.
A broken lodge will be closed.


Genes, Atoms or Something Else? Praveen Sethupathy and Roald Hoffmann at Cornell


Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Don Wesley and I'm 81.
I have been consciously praying to God since I was 2, in 1935.
me and Dad at 2

me at 81
I prayed while in my steel cot, framed with prison bars and lying on my back. I'm not sure who taught me to pray the two prayers. No one was there when I prayed. To this day I pray the same way; not a soul with me. My body is aligned like a magnet with the poles of the earth, north for my head and my butt south; I seem held in that position and not needing any support. I aware of being weightless and I feel content.  My breathing is deep and easy, and I sense my body and mind has rid itself of the clutter of old thoughts. Now I'm ready to get up and write, with flowing words.
This has been an example you are now seeing. -
The following video was Published on Dec 4, 2014
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